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The Results of a Bored Mind


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Hey y'all :) I haven't been feeling great today and had to go home from school early. I was ready to fall asleep until my head hit the pillow,at which point I was wide awake. After about half an hour of useless tossing and turning I gave up on sleep and began to doodle. Gradually the doodle grew until this appeared


It's what I think of when someone mentions Dukes to me. I would have included the cast in the picture but I'm rubbish at drawing faces.

Then I drew this


Sorry for the blurriness but that's the best shots I could get

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Those are really cool. The first picture makes me think of my Geometry notebook cover I posted on here. Started with an 01 and kind of continued with other random things. Then of course just had to get my friends' signatures.

And the best things are created when you're bored. Great job.

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