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Dukes related poetry

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I found a poem on dukesofhazzardfanfic.com and thought it was really cool.

Here it is: One-lane dirt roads Mountains and ponds A small town in Georgia Surrounded by farms Green fields, blue skies Chores in the dawn A well-known tavern Full of laughter and song Neighbors and kinfolk Friends near and far Legends of moonshine And a powerful car Escapes and chases, The law, hot pursuit Adventures forever Moments of truth Enter and welcome, I heard you say Be with us and smile Join us and stay The home that I found Is Hazzard, forever Among my dear cousins Loved, cherished friends.

-Written by an anonymous "cousin"

Anyway it got me ta thinkin....anyone else have any Dukes relate poems and such they would like ta share. I'd like ta read 'em.

P.S. great job to the cousin who wrote the one above!

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