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Tried to get a second account with an email that I've never used here and was told that my email address was BANNED! That shocked me.

I know you can't sign up with any Hotmail address. I don't know if they've added to the list since I signed up

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I had to get another one when I started because I used Hotmail. Now I use the new one for HNet stuff, although you can just set up another one for registration and get it to forward any mail to your Hotmail or other email account.

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Hoss, thank you very much for replying to JPB's hotmail concerns. Our apologies for the worry, JPB!

Unfortunately Hotmail has been a bad dog to HNet for years. It seems to be the email service of choice for spammers. It was impossible to verify who was going to be naughty or nice every time someone registered with a Hotmail account, so we had to block that door for the sake of HNet's protection.

It's also highly rare we ban anybody. And before we do, we go into a public fit of righteous indignation, denouce the offender, list their offenses and speak their doom. Mufn has a rather sharpe axe, and once somebody has been ex-communicated from HazzardNet, they're unable to return under any guise.

Brrr. I get chills just thinking about it. Anyway, it's extremely rare to run afoul of the admins here, because we're too busy running afoul of each other.

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