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Hazzard Homecoming How-To's!

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If you don't have tickets to Hazzard Homecoming yet...so what. You can buy them at the event, which is good news for last-minute planning!

The event location is slightly different than the original Sperryville location of DukesFest, but not by much. Instead of being on Hwy 211, it's on Route 522. What's that mean locally? Well, if you're on 211, turn into the town of Sperryville itself to get on Route 522, and then keep going a little ways.

The closest towns likely to have hotel rooms are Front Royal, Luray, and Culpeper. Luray was pretty much booked up last I checked. Front Royal had places open but they were higher $. Do some google searches and book a room now if you're pretty sure you're going.

It's wise to pack a cooler with bottled water, soda, snacks.

Hand sanitizer, bug repellent, and extra tissues for those unreliable porta-johns are all good ideas.

Remember this event offers "festival seating"...which is to say, there ain't any. Bring your own milk can, bar stool, or patio furniture. If all else, roll up an old blanket and bring it along.

Forecast thus far is chance of T-storms and highs in the mid 80's. It'll probably change by the weekend, but odds are it's gonna be hot/humid so plan accordingly. Did I mention bottled water? Better bring rain ponchos or light jackets just in case the weather breaks, though. There are no refunds on account of weather conditions.

Now on to the fun stuff! Bring a camera. Bring a smile. Bring money!

Remember ya need $15 minimum to get into the gate. (kids 10 and under free, adults over 65 free, active miliary with ID, free.) Expect autograph fees of anywhere from $5.00 on up, depending on the cast member and situation.

If you buy an item from somebody's booth - say Rosco, for example - whatever you buy from him directly includes his autograph. But if you bring something up to him you brought from home, or purchased from somebody else's table, you'll probably pay at least $5.00. Not a big deal, really, but just be aware of that fact and plan accordingly.

And it's not always possible to have the autographed personalized. Especially when lines are long. Again this varies by cast member, and how long the line is, ect.

A good autograph strategy to keep in mind, is to purchase a photo that has more than one cast member on it - especially if the other cast member(s) are at the same event. For example, Cathy and Sonny will both be there. Sonny usually has a good Enos/Daisy photo. If you buy it from him, he'll sign it, then you can have Cathy sign it too. (perhaps for a nominal fee, but you got that by now.)

Autograph lines for John and Cathy and Jimmy tend to be long. John is only there Sunday, and because of that, his line is probably going to have an extra wait.

Plan your Saturday autographs around who you really want to see the most; get in that line first; then get in line for the next person on your gotta-see list.

Cast members do their very best to try and give each fan a chance at meet n' greet. So long as you get there early, and you're patient, odds are you'll get to do most everything you want to do. Gates open at 9 am Saturday and 9:30 am Sunday.

Note, HazzardNet is NOT officially connected with Hazzard Homecoming. The above info is provided as an FYI based upon our own prior volunteer experience with these shindigs.

Travel safe, and have fun! We want to hear all about it when you're back. :D

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Recently I wanted to see how many miles I have google maps and not calculated, but we are far away.

I measured the distance from your home to Sperryville in Google Earth, and it's about 5000 miles (8000 km) in a straight line (it wouldn't give directions :)). I'm much closer - only 3400 miles (5440 km) away! - maybe next year.

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I measured the distance from your home to Sperryville in Google Earth, and it's about 5000 miles (8000 km) in a straight line (it wouldn't give directions :)). I'm much closer - only 3400 miles (5440 km) away! - maybe next year.

thanks friend, I am really far .........,'re right next year we will be in the "dukesfest" is already declared, just as I desire.

a big hug from Argentina.

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Next year I'm definately going to try to get to DukesFest or HazzardHomecoming, or whatever they call it by then. Wish I could have made it this year, but it wasn't in the cards.

I wonder how folks are doing in Sperryville. Weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday looking a little worse.

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made the drive from long island...but had already driven as far as tennesee and alabama earlier in the week. waited 5 hours as soon as i arrived in the heat for daisy but it was worth it..she's a sweetie..and got 2 other autographs while waiting on that line. does anyone have pictures of the cars and the rest of the event i took no pictures!!! i was so busy waiting on lines that i bypassed everything else and didn't get a moment to enjoy it all.

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Welcome back! Haven't seen anyone upload photos yet, I think people are just getting home. You made the right choice. You'll have more chances to see General Lee's, but the chance to meet Cathy only rolls around once in a blue moon.

There is a brief newscast out there that's pretty good, and I updated our homepage with a link to it. Also keep an eye on our Image Gallery.

Whups, looks like we need to add a category for "Hazzard Homecoming", but of course folks are welcome to post photos in the Forums here, or wherever in the gallery...we're not too picky.

For anyone reading this - we'd love to have some fan perspectives on the event, and any photos/videos. I know a lot of fans didn't get to go to this thing and any material is appreciated.

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that looks like a response to my post but I don't see mine...

I was looking for some pics from the event...

also have a question..I got my cast poster photo on Sunday signed by Daisy Roscoe and Cletus..the only 3 i could get...even though Enos is in the picture instead of Cletus..but i figured i had the opportunity for Cletus..might as well ....do you think that makes the picture look stupid? or the more the better? I asked one guy on line and he said well you'll never get a picture with all of them in it.

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