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"Daytona: The American Dream"

Garrett Duke

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Well today's NASCAR special has just ended on FOX that was called Daytona: The American Dream. Did anyone get to watch it? If so, what you think?

I have to admit, I didn't have much expectation for the program other than that it was about the Daytona 500 and something to fill my NASCAR fix during this off weekend. But boy, was I wrong. Am so glad I watched it. I watched the Daytona 500, saw the big one, and saw the historically young driver win the great American race. Yet, it was just as exciting to see it again. Not only that, but to hear comments from Trevor Bayne, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards. Just awesome. The more I hear about Trevor, the more I like the kid. I hope he goes a long ways in NASCAR, I feel NASCAR needs a kid like Trevor.

Though, that wasn't all that the program was about...after that show, it went to another program of the top ten greatest accidents in NASCAR. That went onto another program about the top ten closest finishes in NASCAR history. Boy, both of those programs were exciting and interesting to watch...though the accidents were just scary to watch and hard to believe they all walked away from that!

A few of the accidents I remember watching...such as the Carl Edwards accident. But a lot I didn't. Richard Petty was in two of the top ten big accidents. One was before the window net was put it and his hand was out of the window while he flipped! The last one, the all time biggest wreck at number one, was of Bobby Allison who had also went into the fence as Edwards had and luckily no one in the stands were hurt in either one. They said with the Allison accident, if the fence hadn't done what it was suppose to, that could have been the end of NASCAR! (Just imagine...a life without NASCAR? *Shudders*!) Michael Waltrip was in a bad one where he pretty much didn't have a car when his car stopped - said his feet were touching the race track. All ten of the accidents were horrible to watch and scary to t hink of what could have happened to each driver...

The top ten closest finishes was interesting to watchh as well. Some very close finishes. Though, Roger, you'll be happy to know your driver, Kurt Busch got the number one record of the closest with him and Ricky Craven. Their cars latched on and they finished attached to each other. Though Ricky beat Kurt by six inches...

Well I couldn't give a race review over Sprint or Nationwide Series, so I thought I would give you a review of the show. I enjoyed watching it, listening to the commentaries, and all that. Found it interesting to see the differences in the cars from different time periods and to see today's drivers and see how young they looked. Michael Waltrip looked really young in his accident footage as well as Kevin Harvick when he beat out Jeff Gordon.

If anyone else watched it, what y'all think of the show?

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