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Family Crisis


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Here's a new rr story. If it bad please let me know. If anyone has an ideal for a title let me know. Here is it begins................

"Darn it, Bo. Why is it every time we come to the Boar's Nest. You get us into fight?" asked Luke as he dodges a punch. "Why is it if anything goes wrong around here you always blame me?" asked Bo. "Cause you never do nothing right." answered Luke. "But Luke, this time it's not my fault. He started by pourig his beer over my head." Bo told him." Well if you had not made that comment about him. We would not be in this fight. Next time I might be here to back you up." Luke tells him. "What are you talking about?" asked Bo. But before Luke could answer Rosco enters the room. "All right Duke Boys break it up." Rosco tell them as he raised his gun over his head and pulled the trugger. "I've got them now. Boy is Boss going to be happy." thought Rosco.

cue beth or dixie

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Rosco cuffed Bo, then Luke, and grinned, "Khee! I got you Duke boys now."

Daisy ran across the room to her cousins. "Oh, Sheriff, what are you doin' to Bo and Luke?"

"I'm arrestin' 'em, Miss Daisy. Fightin' will not be allowed in Hazzard Co."

"Oh, Lord!" Daisy said. "Please don't take 'em, Rosco!"

But Rosco grinned as he led the boys to his patrol car.

Cue Jessi

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Daisy followed them to Rosco's car. "But Rosco, It's not there fault." said Daisy.

"Tut tut Daisy it always there fault. When ever there's trouble you Duke's are always involved.Now get out of my way." Rosco told her with smile.

Motion for Bo and Luke to get into the car. "All right Duke Boys in the car and no funny business." said Rosco. "Daisy call Uncle Jesse tell him to meet

us at sherrif's office." said Bo. "Why get Uncle Jesse involve. Boss will just find away to keep us in jail. He always does" Luke told him. "What is going

on with you, Luke? First you tell me I got to fight my own fights. Now your saying not to involve Uncle Jesse. Are you sick or something?" asked Bo.

"Bo, what I am sick of is you. I'm sick and tired of you getting us into trouble all the time.

And me having to get us out of trouble. Now leave me alone" Luke said.

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Luke knew that even though he'd told Daisy not to call Daisy that she would. He just really wanted Bo to have to think of the consequencs of his actions instead of Jesse or himself aways having to get him out of trouble.

Bo knew Luke was peeved but didn't understand why. Lord knows before Bo even turned eighteen Luke had been a guest in Rosco's hotel more than once! He thought 'he knew everything then, he wouldn't even listen to Uncle Jesse for a couple of years there.'

Luke thought, 'He thinks he knows everything! Yet, is dependant on everyone to get him out of trouble.'

Bo asked, "Luke, I know you are mad, but what is the difference in this and the times you got in trouble before I turned eighteen?"

Luke was glad he asked, "Say Jesse comes down here and bonds us out. Where's the money coming out from?" Luke let that sink in. "EVERYTIME I went out and got myself in trouble I had the money in my wallet for Jesse to get me out. EVERY fine I've EVER paid I earned the extra money to pay it!"

Bo felt like Luke had stabbed him. He'd never thought about it but Luke was right. Yet, Bo replied, "You worked extra jobs and all, yes! But, tell me who pulled your weight at the farm while you did? AND, when I do manage to get us in trouble I always wind up doing extra work on the farm."

Luke shot, "Because, you are forced to as punishment. How many times have you ever did it to repay Uncle Jesse?"

About this time the boys heard footsteps on the stairs. It was JD Hogg followed by Rosco. "Well, well, and well. Seeing Dukes boys in my jail is my favorite kind of entertainment!" he lite his cigar. "And from the sounds of it I get a bounus seeing them agruing with each other!" He smiled.

Bo knew that remark would not help Lukes mood.

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Bo looked at Boss Hogg defiantly. "See, Boss, what we was doin' wasn't arguin'. We was havin' us a friendly discussion here about which is more of a horse's @--, you or Rosco..."

Luke punched his cousin's arm as Boss said, "You got a lotta nerve, Bo Duke. Thought your Uncle Jesse taught you better than that."

"He did. I'm just too hard headed to listen."

"You listen to me, Bo," Luke said softly, yanking his cousin over into the corner. "You shut up, or I'm gonna make double-d@-- sure I don't help you outta anymore trouble."

"Fine!" Bo said. "Who gives a dern about you anyway?"

"If you feel that way, fine. But you better start actin' like you got some sense before you land in jail for good."

Bo immediately felt bad for what he had said to Luke, but he was too hardheaded to say he was sorry, so he went to his bed in the cell and plopped down, turning away from him.

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As Luke paced the jail cell the more angry he got. "Luke, would you stop." asked Bo from his cell . "Come on cousin you pacing is not going to make the night go any faster. Just go to sleep." Bo told him. Luke just kept pacing tring to clear his mind not real listen to what was being said to him. "Rosco, Rosco." called Luke "What do you want Luke. I aint got time for games." Rosco told him. "Rosco, this not a game. I want to talk to Boss." replied Luke. "Luke, What are you doing?" asked Bo with a confused looked a on his face. Its not everyday you get a Duke Boy wanting to talk to Boss. "This better not be trick." said Rosco. "It aint Rosco I just need to talk to him." Luke told him. "All right Luke come with me. " said Rosco as he opened the jail cell door. Luke and Rosco walk up to Boss's door and knock. "Rosco, I thought I told you to let me get some work done. No one else seems to get anything done around here." Boss tell him. "But Boss, Luke wants to talk to you." said Rosco. "You tell him I'm busy." replied Boss. "Boss, He's right here at the door too." Rosco tells him. "Boss can I come in?" asked Luke as the door begins to open. "What do you want Duke Boy?" asked Boss. "Let me in and I will tell you." Luke tells Boss. " All right come in. And it better be worth my time" replies Boss. "Well Boss if you let me out of jail. Just me Boss not Bo. I would be willing to do anything for you." Luke tells him. "Anything?" asked Boss.

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The shine run that Boss had in mind for Luke to take not only would violate his Probation but the fact that it went right through Chickasaw County didn't help a bit that was Sheriff 'Big Ed' Little's territory. If he was caught in Chickasaw County WITH a load of shine Old Luke would blow his Probation from here to he-- and back which meant he'd at the least do two years in prison! Luke knew the minute the word 'anything' came out of his mouth he had made a deal with the 'devil' himself and that's exactly the way Jesse would look at it. Luke had wanted to teach Bo a lesson, but he remembered one Jesse had long preached to him. Pride is a poor Master. Now what would Luke do? Back down or run the load of shine? He had to think quickly!

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Luke was released from jail with the excuse that, "Rosco found out Luke wasn't involved in...whatever... it was just Bo."

Jesse didn't buy the excuse, and went the next morning to talk to Rosco to see what the deal really was.

"Well, Jesse, Luke just wasn't to blame. Bo was the one in trouble, not Luke. Khee!"

Jesse eyed Rosco suspiciously. "Well, I've come to get Bo out."

"You better have alot of money with you... Khee! Khee! Cause the bail is way higher than you're probably thinkin'! Khee!"

Jesse gave Rosco another dirty look. "What is it, Rosco?"

When Rosco quoted the figure, Jesse's eyes looked like saucers.

(Cue Dixie... or Jessi)

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"Five thousand dollars, Rosco. Are you kidding me. Where do you think I'm going to get that kind of money." asked Jesse.

"Well Jesse maybe you should have talk with that nephew of yours. I can't have people going around and starting fights in public places."

Rosco tells him. "Rosco if you and J.D. are up to something so help me." warned Jesse as he walked out of sheriff's office.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Boss Hogg gave Luke directions to the place where the moonshine was stored.

Luke asked, "You want me to run it in the General Lee?"

Boss replied, "That's up to you."

Not having much choice Luke knew at least he'd have a car he could count on WHEN things went bad. Before picking up the shine Luke looked a the map trying to find a road neither Boss or Sheriff Little would figure him taking. He didn't have many choices as there was only one main road to Chickasaw County. Well, he'd just have to go cross country!

With the shine loaded, Luke left for Chickasaw County.

Rosco went to the Boars' nest and reported to Boss Hogg who called to tip off Sheriff Little. He hadn't had a chance to get either Duke like this in a long time!!

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Well So Far O'l Luke was doing good little did he know that Sheriff Big ed little was waiting with Bells on " Oh My Lord This is my Lucky day I finally get one of those Duke Boys for running shine i'm gonna use them as a Throw Rug for my County Jail House or Maybe I'll bring back what's left of them and i'll hang out on my Wall , I'll knock them Unconicous with this Stick in my Pocket and they'll be having a major headache.

meanwhile back at the DukeFarm , Daisy, and Uncle Jesse was wondering where Luke was seeing as how he wasn't sitting at the Kitchen table for Breakfast so Uncle Jesse began to worry "Then Uncle Jesse said " Well I sure hope he ain't laying somewhere on the road hurt.

Then Daisy said '' Uncle Jesse don't worry luke's okay

NARRATOR : Oh it's important alright Luke will be walking right into Sheriff Little's hands.

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As Luke was driving towards his destination. "Why am I doing this? All i wanted to do was teach Bo a lesson and now I'm running shine for Boss. If Jesse finds out I'm in deep trouble." thought Luke. " S**T. That's all i need. Where in the heck did I pick him up." said Luke to himself as he looked in his reveiw mirrow see Sheriff Little following him. "All right Duke boy pull over." said Sheriff Little into the cb. "If you want this Duke Boy you need to catch me. We both know you got the speeds to do that with that car." replied Luke as push down on the gas pedal down and leaving Sheriff Little in the dust. "Will see about that Duke Boy." said Sheriff Little and the chase was on.

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Luke knew all of Sheriff Littles cars were built to run! Fortunately for him the Sheriff had just never been able to hold the powerful cars in the road. Luke knew to loose him he'd have to out drive him, plain out running him would not be an option. Luke spotted a corn field up ahead. He hoped by leading Sheriff Little into it he could stir up enough dirt to put up a dust cloud and buy him some time. Driving this load in the General Lee had been a neon sign that a Duke was out of their County. Every law enforcement person in a dozen Counties knew this car and knew its drivers weren't suppose to be out of Hazzard County without written permission from their probabtion officer which of coourse Luke didn't have. Luke checked his mirrors He was stirring up a lot of dust but Sheriff Little was still back there! Luke tried to think. If he recalled correctly there was a river near here. He swung back out to the road and began driving toward where he hope the river was. Luke had hoped to drive through the near empty river bed to deter Sheriff Little but when he got there he saw the large river was running near its banks. There would be no going through that. Luke turned away from the river, he drove back into the field for quiet some distance Sheriff Little was right behind him even managing to hit the General's back bumper from time to time. Luke swung around suddenly heading towards the river again. This time he headed the General towards a fallen tree. When Luke hit the tree at that speed he was air born. The General jumped the creek, landing back end first due to the heavy load in the trunk. Sheriff Little managed to also jump the creek. The chase continued......

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"All right Duke boy pull over. I'm not joking." said Sheriff Little. "Like I said before Catch Me if you can." Luke told him. "We both your know running shine. I will not have shine going thru my county. Once I catch you its back to big house you go." Sheriff Little told him. "How am I going to get away from him. How did he know about the shine?" thought Luke. "Boss. I know there was something to good to be true about this. I'm just going to have to firgue away to lose him." Luke said to himself.

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