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A Simple Question About Granada Plus

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Couldn't tell ya....but if it's any comfort, they couldn't have chopped the show up any worse than TNN did here in the States. In the case of TNN, it wasn't action scenes that were cut, in as much as Boss/Rosco dialogue scenes were - those, and background type moments that supplemented plot logic.

Frankly, if the show was cut down to twenty minutes worth of footage, I'd still have it on, just to hear the antics in the background. If the Dukes of Hazzard has been the soundtrack to anyone else's life here, raise yer hand!

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*Raises Hand* :lol:

TNN took a lot off of the episodes. . .which didn't stop me from watching the episodes over and over again. But it would have been nice if they didn't take as much off as they did and the parts they did. To me they took off a lot of important stuff that is linked throughout the episode. Like in "One Armed Bandit" they cut of when Jill was introduced at the farm and took it to the scene with the boys in it...Waylon sayin' something about all this romance does lead to something; well if you didn't get to see that part that TNN took off, what Waylon said, wouldn't make no sense. :-? But anyways...I just found myself lucky that TNN did air the show and as long as they did. Hopefully it will make it's way back to be on the air. :)

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Sorry to take so long to reply,Long Lost Son!

Nope,I have watched several of the Granada Plus episodes,and they seem to be intact.(unlike the re-runs on SkyOne a few years ago,where they hacked them to pieces!)

What I have objections to is GranadaPlus' bizarre episode choices.You occasionally get an episode from Season 4 one night,and then something from the Covington era of Season 1 the next.

At the moment,they seem to be showing Season 2 again.

I know some Dukes is much better than no Dukes at all,but TNT a few years ago showed every episode(every night)from first show to last in the correct order. What a treat that was!

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