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My Internet: A Rant


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Ok. So I'm still stuck in 1998 and have dial-up internet! WOO-HOO! NOT!!!

Don't y'all just hate it when your in the middle of downloading something very important off of the internet or uploading the latest chapter in your Dukes Fan Fic and then suddenly, *dramatic music* your internet cuts out!! Making you want to scream, cry and possibly throw your computer out of the nearest window. Also something that makes the super slow speed internet even more lovable is when it cuts out on you when your on MSN or on Chat, in the middle of a very intense conversation about your latest failed FanFic upload, caused by your crappy dial-up internet! Such a pain in the you-know-what!

So is there anybody else out there with spastic internet? Or am I on my own... Maybe it's just that I live in Canada and it's the cold that's slowing it down... lol

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Ha! Don't feel bad. I have cable internet. Now normally, that would be a good thing. However, I live in this somewhat crummy apartment complex. There is some sort of equipment on the side of my building, put there by the cable company, which is supposed to allow for anyone in this building that pays for Internet access to receive it. Well, the thing is, that equipment is very old, worn out and faulty! The repair guys, from the cable company, who are here often to work on someone's cable or internet, says that the equipment on the building actually needs to be replaced. It isn't really any good any more and is the reason that every tenant in this building has problems with their cable and/or internet service often.

Anyway, I guess the landlord has to okay it for the cable company to replace that equipment, which our landlord, who doesn't live in this building and therefore doesn't have to deal with the constant cable and internet problems, won't do!

So what are those constant internet problems caused by this worn out equipment on the building? Well, I'll tell you, not only does my internet often cut out right when I'm in the middle of doing something important, but it often stays out for hours, and sometimes days......... yes days! at a time! There was one time my that my internet was out for almost a solid week! No kidding!

Hopefully yours isn't that bad!

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LOL! Don't feel bad! We have a Windows '98' computer with dial-up...cause livin in boon-docky places aint the greatest to be eligable for any of that there high speed internet...lol......It can be really annoying cause I can't play games, watch anything on youtube...get any Instant Messaging thingys no more...but I can't complain the computer has lasted this long..but I will be happy when I get a laptop and a new computer...lol...but for now I guess I will be content with it....:-? lol...:D

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You too?!

I also have dial-up, and where we live we can't get an upgrade! (At least that is what the internet-providers tell me... I'm ignorant in the subject so they may just be pulling my leg and I'm none the wiser!)

I really feel for you, believe me, it is AWFUL to have dialup. The way I figure it the only thing that dial up does is provide me with a bit of fun when someone who has high-speed uses it and complains about how slow it is. That is pretty funny! Don't worry, GeneralLeeGirl, I also have "spastic" internet... and its cold where I live, too!

Actually, Redneck girl, I was upset when we "upgraded" to Windows XP. You see, I'm "techno challenged" and this whole "upgrade" is just downright confusing! I hate technology... sometimes! It comes in handy when it works!

Anyway, you are not alone, fellow Dial-Up Users!

Hope your internet connection will be good for awhile!

I best go before mine cuts me off.

General Grant

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