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The Going Home Series!!

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I love the Going Home Series, its delves into the boys lives in ways the show never did. We got a glimpse with Luke and Candy (who should have totally been together forever by the way!) and Bo and Diane but we never got to see them think about families of their own.

This series is so well written and even though sometimes the updates are a long time coming, i'm never disappointed when they finally do. There's so much to Dixie and Bethie's posts, so many characters to follow and route for but its still completly Dukes and better yet completly original!

In the words of one Rosco P Coltrane - Ohhhh I love it I love it!

I'm gone ;)

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I've tried all avenues I know of to contact Bethie88 but have had no reply. If anyone out there on the Hazzardnet hears from her please let her know I'm trying to contact her.

I've recently re-read the entire Going Home Series and would like to see it finished, with Bethie88 if possible, but I've been kicking the idea around about attempting to at least tie up the loose ends of this series and get it to an ending spot.

My question to you out there on the Hazzardnet is: Would you like to see it continued to an end, and then possibly start another part alone or with another partner???

If interested in the above please comment or PM me.



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