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Am I reading into things too much?


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Recently, me and my fiance went to a local ice cream shop to get ice cream and I had my good ol' general lee t-shirt on. It's was just the plain orange one with 01 and "general lee" in blue above it just like the car. So anyways, the guy that took our order was african-american and the second he saw my shirt he would not look at me. He looked at my fiance and took her order and even looked at her while he made the ice cream. The entire time he took my order and made mine he did not look at me once. I was the one paying and even when I paid and we exchanged receipts and everything he still didn't look at me. I felt kind of shocked because to me it felt like he was offended by my shirt and maybe thought it was racist (which we all know is not true). Do you think I was reading too much into this? Has anything similar to this happened to you?

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That is kinda odd that he refused to look at you once he saw your shirt. I have several DOH shirts and one kinda like the one you described, but the lettering and numbers are black. As far as I have noticed no one really has acted or said they were offended by it. Though in highschool, I had a Confederate Flag on a shirt that said something like 'it's a Southern thing y'all wouldn't understand" or something to that sort and had a boy in my class call me a racist and claim he was going to go tell another boy in the class who is from Hawaii about it. I got and wore the shirt for The General and the Dukes, I am definately not racist so his jab at me did get me upset, but I think that was his plan, to get me upset.

Though back to your question, I guess as long as it isn't someone who you see every day or someone close to you, I wouldn't let it bother you too much. Because if he or anyone else knew anything about the show, we all know there is nothing racist in it or about it. So maybe it is him that is reading too much into your shirt. If it did bother you, you could ask him about it next time if he treats you the same way and then explain to him the show and what your shirt means.

I hope that helps a little bit. . .

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