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Dukes and Beverly Hillbillies

Elly May Duke

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so i got this idea (yes i'm writting a story about it too) that what if like one of those times that the boys are in Californy for say the Daytona and Uncle Jesse had to come and rescue them and say Granny and Uncle Jesse got married :o and she and the rest the clampetts moved to Georgia what do y'all think that'd be like?

i know Granny would give Daisy a hard time about the way she dress (and not havin' a man)

i know the boys wouldn't let Jethro drive the general

i think Granny would give Boss Hogg and Roscoe and Cletus a hard time

i know Enos would get a hard time from Granny about not marryin' Daisy (poor thing)

i really can't think of what Jed and Elly's trials would be but what do y'all think would happen havin' the Clampetts in Georgia?

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