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CSI Hazzard County (A fun game to play in the winter snow)

Val Strate

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Hello your friendly neighborhood Game Warden Here; Val Strate, with a fun and entertaining way to enjoy natures wildlife and winter!

If you are like me and live in an area that gets colder than the seat of Boss Hogg's exercise bike, (that Lulu bought him for Christmas last year but he never uses.) You know that winter brings crystallized precipitation or in other words snow. The white stuff can be joyous as well as annoying.

But have no fear; the Game Warden has come up with a simple and very fun game for you to play in the winter snow. You can play alone or with your friends. After the snow outside has stopped falling and you have a good clear day, take a short walk in the snow. Remember though to wear warm clothing, gloves, hats, scarves, mittens and thick winter coats when you go out. You don't want to get sick and catch cold.

Now as you are walking along, pretend you're part of a special task force in the Hazzard County department of wildlife! You're looking for clues for some major crime and need to find some evidence to prove your case. Keep walking along until you find some kind of animal tracks. Follow the tracks till you can no longer follow them. Figure out what kind of animal it is and take note as to how large the tracks are. Notice the distance between the tracks. If the distance between each step is far apart it means in most cases the animal was traveling pretty fast. If they are close together the animal was probably going slow. Take note of what direction the animal was headed and what kind of environment and landscape the area is. You can formulate an interesting hypothesis on what the animal was doing. Also look at how fresh the tracks are. Are they snow covered or look like they were just made?

I did this with what appeared to be coyote tracks and rabbit tracks. During my little case, I realized that Mr. coyote had caught himself a BUNNY for supper! Clearly a guilty suspect!

Try it sometime if you have a spare moment. You'll amaze yourself at what you can find.

I'm Val Strate for your wild Hazzard County.

Val :wink:

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A couple of nights ago, around 2-2:30AM, I saw a family of deer in my back yard munching on the various landscaping. A father, mother, and one young daughter, since there wasn't any sighn of antlers growing. Man, only if I had a rifle, deer slugs, and if it weren't for the Facist Town Government that doesn't allow hunting and/or discharge of firearms, I'd be having Venicin for the next month!!! :D

Actually, I like the deer wandering around. Just as long as they keep off the road when I'm driving!!!

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Val, I hope you and everyone else enjoy this untitled piece. It was placed here since it had to do with your inspririn' topic.

Bo noticed the faint tracks coming out of the woods with Luke. The two had been hunting since a few minutes before sunrise. “Cousin,†He whispered. The older man was studying the marks. His stocky frame bent down. “Careful.â€

“What do you think they are?†Bo glanced around. The snow covered ground had no other traces that any creature or human had journeyed in the area.

“Not sure I want to venture a guess,†Luke stood up. He brushed the white matter from his jeans. “Don’t think we got any thing to worry about.â€

The blond haired man frowned. “Can we follow anyway?â€

“Sure. We ain’t got nowhere else to be,†Luke smiled. He turned, boots crunching the snow. “Where you think this will lead?â€

“Hopefully to some dinner,†Bo laughed. The younger man hadn’t seen so much as a skunk in the time he’d spent shivering in the cold.

“Want to go the house and take a coffee break?†Luke asked.

“I’m alright,†Bo shook his head. A hand reached to adjust the light gray knit cap that covered some of the wavy blond locks. “But if you want too.â€

“Nah,†Luke said and took a step. There was no way of telling how recently the trail had been made, since the snow was from last night. It was a refreshing change from the dried grass, empty fields, barren trees and fallen leaves reminders of autumn’s end. “Pretty ain’t it?â€

Bo nodded. “Yeah.†He grinned and began walking. They hadn’t gone very far when the lankier man stopped. “Think someone did this on purpose?â€

“Possible,†Luke shrugged and kept moving. He understood the concern his cousin expressed. “C’mon, we’ll find out soon enough.â€

“What time was Jesse supposed to be back?†Bo took a few steps until he was walking side by side. He chuckled as his cousin turned and avoided his head smacking an ice covered tree branch. “Careful.â€

“Always,†Luke grinned. He shifted the bow slung across his back, adjusting the strap so it didn’t dig into his dark blue ski jacket covered shoulder. “Jesse didn’t say when he’d be back.â€

“Oh,†Bo paused. “Not too bad out here now.â€

“Nope,†Luke was enjoying the quiet noon stroll around the back forty acres. He glanced at the ground and his lips pursed. “They’re gone.â€

Bo tilted his head and glanced. “A different set starts.†His left dark gray work gloved hand gestured toward a spot in the snow, inches from where he and Luke now stood. “Maybe we should go home.â€

“I think we’ll find something worth our time,†Luke cajoled mischievously. “Take a guess.â€

“If it ain’t a rabbit or squirrel, I’m not interested.†Bo sighed. “Venison or boar will suffice.â€

“Maybe this isn’t as fun as letting the General dance on a track,†Luke began to say.

“What’s the General got to do with this?†Bo wondered out loud.

“What if what ever this is… trying to keep us from going home.†Luke stared seriously. Bo whirled around, his ears picking up a new noise in the distance. The direction of the creek one way, a small pond in the other. “Nice try but he’s at Cooter’s.â€

“It was worth a try,†Luke chuckled. “Yeah, so is this.†Bo scooped a hand full of snow and flung it over a shoulder at his cousin. He ran.

“Alright, Bo. You wanna play that way.†Luke got two handfuls of snow and packed a snowball. He aimed it for a spot below where Bo’s bow bounced against the younger man’s back. “I’m not responsible if you break anything.†He un slung his own weapon. Wrapped the strap around his right hand, then chased after Bo. Who was trying to not to lose his balance, and get the bow where it was more comfortable.

Bo felt the snowball’s impact right where his jacket met jeans along his belt. “Luke,†Bo didn’t chance a peek back at his cousin. Luke was giving himself away with each boot crunch on the snow covered ice. “First one to the pond wins.†He shouted and took a shallow breath. His heart pounded in his ears.

“Sounds good to me,†Luke dashed along side his cousin a few seconds later. “You do realize that the tracks were destroyed?â€

“Of course,†Bo laughed. “Seeing how they changed once, it’s possible it happened again… Luke!â€

The older man turned into time to reach out and offer his left hand to prevent the younger man from falling. “How about we call it even?†Bo squeezed his cousin’s hand before letting go, regaining a better stance. A smile came to his lips at the expression on Luke’s face. “Alright- figure it out yet?†He asked while getting a better grip on the bow’s strap, which allowed him to hold it at his side like Luke was.

“Does it matter, we’re had fun.†The dark haired cousin and looked over toward the pond. The blond cousin’s gaze went in that direction. “Looks like they are too.†He observed a battery operated item on top of an ATV’s seat. The two watched a figure glide on the ice. Another person sat on a patch of snow, adjusting skate laces. “That explains some of it.†Bo whispered, not wanting to disturb the skaters, serenity of the moment. Or miss a word of the tune playing from the radio’s speakers.

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