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Duke's fan from Rosario, Argentina


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Hello friends! I am a fan of the Dukes since the first time that I saw, back in 1980. I live in argentina and when I walked out of school, ran to get time to see the Dukes of Hazzard. Today I am 39 years old and remember them with great nostalgia.

A few days ago, after saving a lot, (my economic situation is very complicated), so I bought all seven seasons, but I had a thankless surprise: They come seven seasons in the original language, without subtitles or doblajes. The seller told me that was the original version, which sold in the United States and therefore come with no subtitles, and that could be downloaded from the Internet, but after much searching I could not find anything.

I want to know if any of you could send me (haiek@hotmail.com) subtitles in Spanish for seven seasons or tell me where i can find them.

Because of my poor economy, I will never be able to know the "General Lee" live, or Mr Tom Wopat, or Mr John Schneider, or Mr James Best, all I have for them is nothing more or nothing less than the original series, but I do not speak English! Please someone help me!

Since already thank you very much and can you help me or not, here in Rosario, Argentina you have a friend. Greetings!

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Welcome to the Hazzardnet canayaboy. That a pretty tough problem you have. I wish I could help. If you post this up in "General Discussion" you'll probably have a lot more people read it and maybe someone will be able to help. A lot of people don't read this forum.

It's nice to have a friend in Argentina....especially someone who loves the Dukes. Good luck.

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