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dukesfest 2009?

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Call it what you want Emy...it don't matter to me.

Truth be told John wasnt the one who got it all together. He may have had ideas and done a few of the contacting of people, but he was too busy to do most of the planning. So really, if you want to get technical,the reason it is not taking place is not because of John's schedule. He's just as busy this year as he was last year.

The economy is bad and it costs a lot of money for people to make the trip down though, especially if driving General Lees who dont get much mileage per gallon.

And again I say be thankful he had it last year at all- he took a chance, especially making it as big as he did for the 30th anniversary.

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Blaming the economy is not a good idea. If we blamed he economy on everything ALL social and sporting events wont happen. what would people say if the super bowl got canceled because because they were too busy, but made the excuse "the economy"?

It's really the lack of free time John has thats all. If John wasn't working, (which I hope that wont happen until hes ready to retire or something) then it would have been better.

btw. this year was the 29th anniversary, next year would have been the 30th. 1979 + 30 = 2009.

they may have began filming in 78 but it was jan 26th 1979 it came out on tv.

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Emy...find out what you are talking about before you argue with me. Dukesfest was PROMOTED as the 30th anniversary....by John himself!!! So if you have an argument there, take it up with him, not me.

As to blaming the economy for everything, I don't and never said I did. But facts are facts and if you worked with struggling families and such, as I do, and were from the area I am, maybe you would understand what I am saying...but you dont so I guess it's a mute point EXCEPT to say that John himself said that it depended on the economy whether there would be one this year. I am just reitterating what he said. So again...take it up with John if you want to argue. I am not interested in doing so.

He's just as busy now as he was last year, and he didnt plan it anyway, so, say what you want, but his busy schedule isn't the reason.

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Emy, me and Daisy were VIP's at Dukesfest this year thankfully because Daisy won a contest and I helped input a little bit into the show. We were incrediably lucky to meet John adn Elly and all the backstage crew that came with the show to make it happen. Believe me, John's busy schedule has nothing to do with Dukesfest not being on next year whatsoever. Its not just John and Elly that run it, produce it, they have a whole team behind them which they pay. I met a wonderful lady called Renee who made the decision with Elly to let me co host the trivia part of Dukesfest. They are not alone in making this event, John works hard to make the money for things like this and for people to get it organized.

The word from John and the team behind him are that the credit crunch at the moment is the main reason for not going ahead. The Economy affects everybody, from the little people to the celebrities. Less money = less being paid out to EVERYONE! He's thinking about the people who travel from all over America to be at this event, who will already be suffering from the credit crunch without having to worry about the cost of Dukesfest. As Daisy already said, the General Lee Owners especially have this to worry about! Giving rides around the track costs THEM a lot of money in gas because as we all know, the General now has terrible terrible milage.

Your being incredibaly immature by trying to blame this all on Alma and Ben passing it on to John and Elly. If it weren't for them the 30th anniversary would never have happened. As I recall, you were happy John and Elly were taking it over so we could have another one this year when we were all chatting about it on the boards! Only now that it might not go ahead next year do you start saying I knew this, I knew that. John, Elly and the team did incredibly well considering they had no real financial backing this year as the other ones have and I believe its the first time in some years since all of the remaining cast have been together at a Dukesfest.

So yeah, actually Emy it is largely down to the credit crunch, not John's busy schedule or family life. John isn't thinking about himself, he rarely ever does. Its all about his fans and whether or not it would be feasable to hold the event in such a time of economic crisis. The same is true over here in England, our financial situation isn't much better. So before you go making immature comments about what you supposedly 'knew' or 'know', try finding out some more into what makes these kinds of events would you.

Oh and as for it being the 29th this year...sorry, but the first episode was MADE 30 years ago. That was what the cast base it on, the crew and most die hard fans...not just TV fans. That's what we were celebrating, the coming together of a wonderful cast, writers, directors and producers who taught and still teach a whole generation of people lots about life and moral standards. We don't need Dukesfest to celebrate the Dukes, its a bonus that Alma and Ben started and i'm sure eventually John and Elly will continue. How many other shows do you know that have its own event for its own fans, not talking about sci-fi conventions or anything like that. The Dukes cast put a lot of time and effort into getting and being at Dukesfest, especially the elder of the cast like Rosco, Enos and Cletus, to celebrate with the fans. So next year is a break for them, one year I think they deserve to be honest. Its been 30 glorious years since Dukes was STARTED not just aired and I say YEEEE HAWWWWWW and may it live on for 30 glorious more!

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Oh and lets not forget who runs those events shall we? COMPANYS WITH COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY!!! Dukesfest is funded by John, how much money do you think he brings in after feeding his family, paying his bills and taxes? How many companies do you think Dukesfest was sponsored by this year? Hardly any! How many sponsors do the General Lee owners have to give them money? NONE Its being paid for out of other people's pockets, not some huge company.

Fact is, people dont want to sponsor Dukes because of all the bad publicity its been getting about the flag on its roof, it being taken off of CMT and given to a channel that has no interest in it. So it recieves no money, for it to make a profit, John would have to hike up the price of merchandise to huge amounts as well as the tickets, the GL owners would have to charge more for rides and no one would be able to/want to pay that much.

You really need to do more reasearch into this before you go shouting your mouth off Emy, seriously.

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No, actually you put on a really sarcastic tone and said

so its the economy. lets not have a Macy's Thanksgiving day parade or super bowl games again because the economy's bad oh and lets not forget NASCAR because the economys bad

Meaning you dont think that at all. Or if you really think that would happen, I pity you...obviously you have a lesser IQ count than I thought.

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I dont need to call reinforcements if I want to fight.... I can handle myself thank you very much.

It's not my fault if people agree with the truth.

You keep saying the same stuff and as Bo has tried to point out and me and Jessi you have no idea what you are talking about.

Bo makes an excellent point: Think about the sponsors of those events you talk of... If John had all the publicity the parade has....or if he had sponsors' names plastered all over his General Lee like a NACSAR vehicle, maybe then he could afford to have someone other than his WIFE to be his EVENT COORDINATOR. Elly didn't get paid for all that you know... she does it cuz she loves and supports John.

John is not sponsored like that and neither is Dukesfest..they had a hard time getting sponsors, but they ran Dukesfest anyway. Can't you just be thankful we had Dukesfest at all and for once quit trying to argue with everyone? It gets old real quick...

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Emy....why don't you just be quiet? It's really aggravating. You start off saying it isnt the economy...and now you sound like a broken record saying you agree it's the economy but you dont leave it at that...you hafta keep adding things to stir the pot and get something going all the time. Is there a deep down need inside of you that is not satisfied unless you are arguing with someone or making trouble? Really... why do you hafta keep going on and on about it unless you are trying to start something? That is NOT what Hazzardnet is for.

And as far as this goes:

I'm going to let this slide...

Gosh...that's awful big of you....almost sounds to me you are saying Bo should be thankful you are letting this slide...which sounds like a threat...

Hazzardnet is not here for the sole purpose of you stirring things up against people. It's here for us to enjoy. When you act like you are it is not enjoyable.

Why don't you act your age and not your character's age for a change?

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Brian and I have a bit of insight into what goes on to put together a DukesFest. And believe me, it's the economy. We were surprised they even had DukesFest this year, what with $4 a gallon gas. It must've cost a fortune for the fans to get there, let alone the General Lee owners that gave rides.

Now, since it appears we all agree that it's the ECONOMY now, Emy, could you just leave this thread alone? All you seem to be doing is antagonizing the other folks trying to have a discussion here. DukesFest would not have continued if John and Elly hadn't taken it over. That's a fact. We're lucky the fans got one more year out of it. Any more DukesFests will be a bonus.

And the rest of you, I know Emy can be trying sometimes, but please keep the conversation a little more civil. Insults are not needed.

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