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Alice and Dukes crossover

Bo's Crush

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Joloene: The Hazzard Car Wash? What's so fun about that?

Luke: Well it's a puddle and every time you drive through it' date=' it cleans the car.

Shannon: ya mean, you're gonna drop at off at where, the end of the world?

cue Julieduke[/quote']

Bo says "No, I was thinking I was going to let Rosco chase us and have him land their it's pretty funny just watch out that me don't go into Chickasaw County cause than me and Luke are some serious trouble okay."

Cue Bo's Crush

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Joloene: There's a big surprise' date=' I do not want to see that Man again.

Luke: OK, we'll Leave y'all here at the lake. See yall later.

Shannon: Ok, Bo where do we change?

cue Julieduke[/quote']

Joloene says "Well Okay Luke, there's a chance he might be in his office at the Boars Nest I've heard about."

Cue Bo's Crush

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Luke: either that or he's fourclosing on somebody' date=' see y'all later.

Joloene : yeah bye.

Shannon: Bo, did you listen to anything I said?

cue Julieduke[/quote']

Bo says "Oh Yeah, there's bush you can change behind I swear I wont look Shannon, fingers crossed and everything."

cue Bo's Crush

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Shannon: Wait for what? Bo' date=' I dont wanna do this alone, bo, Please there is something I gotta tell you, if you can't wait can I tell you now.

Bo: OK, I'm in now what do you got to tell me.

(she walked up to Bo)

Shannon: Bo, I....I Love you.

cue julieduke[/quote']

Bo says "That's so sweet me to, such a nice day let me know if you hear a police car okay."

Cue Bo's Crush

P.S. Sorry for the long delay.

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