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Playbill interview - Funny

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On the episodes of DOH that John directed he is credited as John R. Schneider. He wanted to make a little distinction between the actor and the director.

Also did you know that Beauregard (Bo's full name) means "nice look" in French. And BO pronounced the same way but written BEAU means handsome. Quite fitting don't you think? :D

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lol I was wondering when someone would pick up on that :-P I've known that for ages cause I used to do french for 7 years straight in school and that was something I looked up when I was bored in class. I never said anything because I didn't want to seem like I know it all....that's how i got picked on in school.

When I was watching the show way back when it first aired I had a major crush on Bo and being French-Canadian I immediately made the connection. I thought Bo is so very beau. LOL!

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