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Dukes Christmas Party


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Hey we should all put "The Great Sant Claus Chase" in the DVD player and press play at the same time and comment about it as we're watching. That was fun when we used to do that. As I recall, it was BoJamesDukes idea originally. Does anybody want to do that on Dec 22?

Roger, that would be a lovely way to spend a DOH friend's birthday =)

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Bad influence huh? Any suspects on who this bad influence is? *chuckles*
MaryAnne, obviously.
MaryAnne? hmmm well she is armed... has handcuffs... wears a uniform, which is clearly a disguise. Youre right! Its got to be her! *chuckles*

I flat out dee-ny that I am a bad influence. Completely and totally dee-ny it.

I am, for a fact, a terrible influence. There's a difference. :wink:

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