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Dog Collar Challenge


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Ya know, if MaryAnne wore a dog collar, she'd be her own K9 unit. Bahahahah!!

Oh, and Tori? I look outrageously attractive in a dog collar. Try not to think about it.


oh i imagine you do, though i'd like to see you lose a bet to maryanne and have her lead ya around on one and yet in my mind that sounded innocent a sec ago, ferget i said anything. lol

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Careful, Brian darling....Remember whose really yanks your leash from time to time,literally, or It might get yanked all the way to the vet's office.

And then you really will be begging.

Or you could be nice and get a treat, baby.


Doc! I didn't realize you were back in town! I was just...uh...gettin' aquainted with a new member of our friendly community. Ya know, the usual warm welcome. Despite the dog collar jokes I can assure ya that there wasn't any petting.

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