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A sad day for college students...

Val Strate

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Folks, I post this here in remembrance of the college students at VA Tech. Being in college myself, (if you haven't figured it out from my little posts in the swamp about getting out of Chemistry class and about DOH frat) it strikes a cord with me. No one expects to go to class then wind up losing a friend or losing their own life because of someone else's recklessness.

It also sickens me to know that there are people that distraught with their lives about a 'break up' that they resort to this kind of behavior. It's uncalled for. If you are having problems with your life, talk to a friend, a family member, heck most colleges have counselors on campus to help you deal with all kinds of situations!

Thirty-two people lost their lives. That's thirty-two sons and daughters that were trying to better the world by being at that institution to learn. Thirty-two bright lights of the world suddenly were snuffed out by someone's bottled rage.

It's sad that in my generation, having being in high school when Columbine took place then in college when this happens. In fact in the past there have been security issues on my campus that might have caused alarm but due to administrations quick thinking, issues were stopped and people were kept safe. But it makes you wonder what kind of a world do we live in when schools are now no longer safe. Places of social growth, knowledge, and high learning are no longer places of peace and freedom of expression in a safe environment. Whatever happened to the days that when you were ticked off at your ex for leaving you that you went out to the football field got creative and sprayed Round Up on the field in big letters that had their cell phone number and the words scribed in dead grass, "Call for a good time". I mean if you want and have to be destructive and a jerk about things, there are so many other ways to do it that don't physically harm another soul. Instead, people today when they get ticked off at someone else they go shooting people. It's very sad and very hurtful knowing this is the kind of world we live in.

However to leave this on a more positive note, please pray for those families and friends at VA Tech who lost loved ones. They will need love and support in the times to come. Even if you don't know them, pray for them. For those that are spiritual, you know that your prayers will make a difference even though those families may never know you.

Val Strate

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A great many people I know are praying for those involved, and yes my thoughts and prayers are with the families, the victims and anyone affected by this tragedy as well.

It deeply saddens me that people turn to guns as a way to deal with their rage. :(

Take care everyone.

With thoughts coming from Germany,


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