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John's new haircut

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lol John didn't have his hair cut like Britney Spears :-) That was just wild rumor. I don't think he ever will cut his gorgeous blonde locks off, he knows he'd give his whol fan base a heart attack lol

Are you sure it was just a wild rumor??? Has anybody seen him since that thing got posted on that site??? Augh I'm sick and tired of not knowing!!!! Someone send him a message on myspace, or ask Breet or Erik.... AUGH!!!!

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I did ask him on myspace but he didn't repsond, he's a very busy man you know! lol, yes one of my friends saw a picture of him that was taken after that article was posted and he still has all his gorgeous blonde locks in tact :-)

Yeah, he put up pics on myspace, all he did was trim it. I wonder who came up with that crazy idea to give all his female fans a heart attack!!!! Sounds like something Breety might come up with, lol.

At least John is still SCHNEIDERLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

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