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Any way to fix scratched DVDs?


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Most of the DOH seasons are double sided DVDs, and it always seems that the side up seems to get scratched or damaged. There's one side of a disc on Season 1 that won't play at all. And the first time I opened Season 3 yesterday, there was something sticky on the disc. I got the sticky junk off of it, but damaged it in the process. Now one episode skips. Is there a way to buff out the damage or fix it somehow? I still am angry that you can't buy any movies or shows in VHS. If they had released the episodes in EP or SLP on a T-160 tape, you could fit a full season on 2 tapes. Picture quality may not be quite as good, but with a VHS tape at least it will play all the way through. And it's very hard to damage a tape because there's nothing exposed. And VCRs last much longer than a DVD player anyway.

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There actually are DVD-fixing or cleaning kits. I've even seen a couple at Walmart. Personally I like DVDs, they don't get wore out with usage as long as you're gentle with 'em and don't scratch 'em up.

Although I do admit to watching each season all the way through in the first thirty days when I could still return it if there were any skipped eps on a disc... and I did replace a couple sets... but finally I got a full set. Which I'd guard with my life... LOL. Just kidding.

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