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I didn't really remember this until recently, probably after watching Rick play Cletus in the Dukes, but he did a role similar to Cletus' in another of my favorite shows, 'Starman' during the mid 80's. He played a policeman in a small town and was very similar to Cletus except in this he had a girlfriend who was a waitress at one of the local diners.

The character's name was Charlie Ewing, and he was sort of treated as the local joke by the guys in town. The sad thing, when I look back on the 'Starman' role and his role with Cletus, there is an element of type casting going on. Of course, his character in both shows was really sweet, and his heart was in the right place.

I thought that it was neat to remember that back during the days that TV was really good and that there were shows that evoked quality. At any rate, I think that Rick did do a great job with both of these roles.

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