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We are imposing signature rules to improve the user experience on our boards. Some sigs are too large and cause viewing problems. Please edit your sigs to the pixel limits indicated in the control panel.

Some sigs include links to external sites. If you want to include links to an external site, that's what the homepage field is for in your profile. Some users have been posting several useless messages that add very little to the discussions in order to get links to their site through their sig. This is considered spamming. Users who do this will have their sig disabled and unviewable in the forums.

As a general rule, we do not allow links to external sites in the forums because we have had to deal with tons of spammers posting inappropriate links. This IS a family site and we HAVE been contacted in the past by upset parents whose kids have found inappropriate links in our forums. If you want your site reviewed and a link placed on our links page, contact us and we will be happy to review your site for placement. If you want to link to a cool DOH related video or content, or just something amusing that you think other folks will enjoy, please contact us and get approval first.

If signature rules are not followed or inappropriate links are posted in the forums or in your profile, you will be banned.

Thanks for your understanding and compliance.

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