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What Memories Are Made Of

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"BO THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!!!!" Jesse said.

"Please one more chance! Please!" The 16 year old Bo begged.


"I don't want to go, please Uncle Jesse, Please!" Bo cried.


"But I didn't do it!" Bo yelled, "I didn't mean to hurt him." Bo pleaded.

"Please, Bo don't make this any harder than it has to be." Daisy said, holding Bo back.

"Daisy, you believe me don't you?" Bo asked.

"Bo, I, I..." Daisy stuttered looking for the right words to say, "I don't want to believe that you did it, but..."

"So yer on his side? That just figures. That just figures real nice." Bo said, being dragged off, handcuffed.

He sat there mumbbling in the back of the police car as he watched the car pull away from the small farm he had called home for so long.

It was a few weeks away from Christmas Bo was going to jail, Luke was in the hospital in a coma, and The General was wrecked beyond repair.

At the jail...

Bo had been sitting there in the jail for what seemed like days. He heard the cell door creek open and he turned to face the door.

"Duke, you've got a visitor." Bo hopped up, and was led out to the socialization room to see Madi. He ran to her and gave her a huge hug. An officer tried to pry him off, until Madi kissed Bo and cleared things up.

Bo broke down crying.

"Don't worry, baby. Me and Enos believe you and we got enough money together for the bail and you won't have to see that ugly cell again. Shhh, I know how it feels to be locked up." Madi soothed.

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"What? You were in jail?" Bo asked.

"Yes, I, I, I got aressted for murder. But I got out because I was innocent. And they had me confused with someone else. But now I have even more good news." Madi said, placing Bo's hand on her stomach.

"We're gonna have a baby?" Bo asked with delite.

"Yes, Are you as excited as me?" Madi asked.

"I'm happier than words can say." He said hugging her close.

"Well," Madi said, straightning out her back and letting out a sigh," let's get you out of this rathole."

"Let's. But my family don't believe me. Where will I stay?" Bo asked.

"With me. Forever." Madi said.

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