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Randy Travis - Sonny Shroyer connection

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I know Capatin....

The answer is The Rainmaker. It's a John Grisham film that was made in 1997. Sonny played Delbert Birdsong and Randy played Billy Porter.

However that is not the only John Grishman flick Sonny has ever been in. A year later he was a county sheriff in Grishman's "The Gingerbread Man". Which I felt they could have given him a little bigger part in it. You barely see him and it's only in one small scence, where he tackles the main villian to the ground. I was very disappointed in that movie.

Yes, I could see Randy Travis play Enos. However being a die hard Strate fan... No one would be better than Sonny himself. But if we can't have Sonny, I'll accept Randy Travis.

Mr. Travis is a good man as well and would be able to fill Enos's shoes.

He has the Game Warden's aproval. (Not that he needs it... but ya know. LOL)

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We have Bingo..thanks Val

...I saw the movie a few times and never thought about it til I read Randy was up for a part...

Funny thing is , both had only had one scene each and they were not on-screen together either...

I hope Randu does decide to be in the movie. And as I said in another thread , I think he would make a great Enos


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Baladeer: Howdy y`all. Welcome ta HAZZARDNet county. Sorry. Ah always loved when Waylen did that. Anyway, Ah is a die-hard Randy Travis fan. I think he would make a good "Enos" except one small problem... Randy's voice is just too doggone deep. Enos never had THAT much bass. Randy would make a great baladeer though. just a thought.


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Randy does have a great voice for the Balladeer.....BUT I think he has that innocence about him in his acting that would make him a great Enos. just watch his roles on Matlock - the Andy Griffith show and in Black Dog with Patrick Swayze. Let's see who Hollywood has in mind for Enos, probably no one we would expect I guess..


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