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Email from James

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Hi all! I wanted to share that I received an email from our very own beloved Rosco P. Coltrane. I sent him an email a few days ago, which 'm gonna share what it said, and then I'm gonna share what James said.

Well, I'm not going into big depth and detail, but I basically said I was a huge fan of his, and I think he and Sorrell Booke were the REAL dynamic duo. Sure, Tom and JOhn saved the day, but without Boss and Rosco, there was no day that had to be saved, and I dont think many people appriciate that.

Then I told him that I have a Dukes reuniuon script that everyone who reads it tells me to get published and get everyone to do it, and what its about, and is there a way he could help me out?

I ended my letter with a thanks so much for your time, your an awesome actor, and nobody can be Rosco Pervis Coltrane but you and signed my name.

Then, I guess it was last night, I received an email back, and this is what he said:

Thank you so much for the nice letter. You are very sweet to say the things you did. I will see you in Arkansas. Warner Bros. owns all rights to Dukes so I'm not much help about your script. www.jamesbest.com or www.jamesbestart.com Thanks JB

Anyway, I thought it was awesome, and I know someone who is going to be super jealous when she finds out..... so just thought I'd share with everyone. Ta ta for now!

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That was Great. If you haven't met James Best you are in for a treat! Four years ago in Sperryville, VA at the Dukes Fest I was in line for autographs and his line was the longest! I didnt' get to met him that year but let someone else get the autograph for me.

The thing that impressed me was this: I saw him going to his car to get a jacket away from the crowd (Where he thought no one was watching). It had rained and the grass was slick and he was walking with care and held onto the car at one point. (I was thinking how lucky we were to be there and to get to see him.) Well a bit later Ben's singer of the Garage Band said as he was walking by, "Look there's Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane!" He RAN up on stage, grabbed her in a hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then went right back into character as Rosco!

It takes a true professional to put aside his shall we say 'age' and go right back into character because we were watching! I have been a James Best fan since Hooper though Luke is my favorite.

The next year at Bristol I did get to met him.


PS I like your Daisy pictures. At Duke Fest this year she was really cool -- she was taking pictures of the crowd taking her picture as well as Tom filming it on two cameras while John was at the mic so I figured the second was his.

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