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Hit Me If You Can

Chet Duke

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*taunts after Chet*


"You got no honor, and you hit like Daisy Duke! If I ever so much as see your crosseyed, ugly mug in this county again, I'll use your hide for campin' tent, your hat to water horses with, and your boots for a spitoon! Mah only reee-gret would be that you could only beg for mercy so many times before I got sick of hearin' it! "

*takes a deep breath and hollers out one more thing* "You know what, you don't even ENJOY your fights! You're just out for bloody knuckles, man, and you got about as much wit as a bowl of oatmeal! Well, keep the hammer down, and keep your eyes in the mirror! 'Cause one day, I'm gonna be on your back door so hard, you won't hear the knock!!"

*exhausts lungs, stops triade to breathe* "Khee....damn, I hope somebody caught all that on tape. Heh heh...."

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*stops dead in tracks considering choices* ~choices- beat the living s*** out of Brian coltrane, go to jail or walk away and face the threat of facing each other again, makes decisions and turns back around and strutes up to Brian Coltrane.*

You want to prove that ur mouth can move faster then ur god damned hands nows your chance!

*takes keys out of Brians jacket pocket and throws cuffs i near by garbage can and turns back to Brian*

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Unbeknownst to Brian and Chet, they had an audience. MaryAnne had stepped out of the courthouse and taken a seat on the hood of Maverick, who was parked at the far corner of the street that ran infront of the courthouse, putting her closer to Cooter's garage. Neither Brian or Chet would immediately notice her, but if they looked they couldn't miss her either. She didn't call out to them, didn't draw any attention to herself, didn't do anything to let them know she was there.

But she was pretty sure she wouldn't have to...

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*freshly freed from handcuffs, pauses to rub wrists* "Mighty neighborly of ya to take those things off, Chet. But that tender gesture don’t change things.â€

*adjusts jacket collar, gives a dark-eyed glare* "I've tried callin' it a draw. I've tried makin' peace. I'm not kiddin' about bustin' your posterior, either, if it's the only way you're gonna see the light.â€

*steps back, takes a stance* "I know why I got into this fight, but I can't figure what the hell you wanted out of this. I THOUGHT I knew what you wanted…I was wrong. All I can do now is guess your true motive."

*voice drops low* "If you're fightin' me because you want to prove that you're the badder bad guy, or that you're the bigger jerk, or the crown prince of outlaws...."

*waves fingertips in a “come and get it†gesture * "… you'll have to finish this thing, Chet Duke, and finish me along with it. Then, you’ll be on top….until someone bigger, meaner, and uglier than you comes through town! Who knows…maybe by then you’ll have some people here that you care about…and you’ll figure out that you’d do anythin’ to protect the place you call home, and the people you call kin, and the friends you’ve got. Yeah, just when you think you’ve got it all….somebody’s gonna give you a challenge you have to answer. And if a cop hasn’t already taken you down…somebody like your own kind WILL.â€

*snarls through teeth* “But right now, I’m in your way, man. I’m the only thing standin’ between you and your next step to hell.â€

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* looks at Brian while taking a couple steps back and pondering the words of the Coltrane. Why dont he not believe that he could win against me?*

What will you do if i chose to surrender now? Still teach me a lesson I wont forget? Wouldnt blame ya if ya do. But Im done here, your right I did come here for 'bad guy status' and its clear now who the better bad guy is. You second thought everyone one of my moves, you were always one step ahead.

*noddes head continueing to back away towards Ghost, eyeing MA slightly.* Im a green horn you may say but I know all too well whos going to jail and who aint!

*stops backing away towards car and glares at Brian with good brown eye and blind right slate grey eye, trying to itimidate him in backing off, one last time.*

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*high-shouldered stance does not relax, nor do the dark eyes change thier hard expression. The readiness for battle without quarter is evident in the clenched fists, the twitching nerves. *

*Watching the enemy Duke back away, and hearing Chet's speech, does not release the black tunnel of trigger-vision, does not quell the adrenaline-fed fire in Coltrane blood.*

*Instinct wars against intellect for several heartbeats. To purge a threat...to protect others...to repay ill deed....there were so many reasons to fight, and no reason to hold back. Only now, it would be beyond a fight. If it started again now....there would be only one conclusion.*

*Finally, the response is spoken.*

"You thought you'd gain somethin'....by takin' somethin' away from somebody else. Didn't you.....just like every amateur criminal that ends up bleedin' his life out in an alley for a stolen car stereo. You fool. You absolute fool...."

*clenches fists, chest heaves* "You thought you'd make your mark by puttin' me down. You figured the shortest road to the big time lead right through me, DIDN'T YOU!!"

*the raised voice carries through the town square.* "You can't make somethin' of yourself, by ruinin' somebody ELSE! DAMMIT MAN!!

*pauses, breathing through teeth, flexing a fist* "You coulda had my friendship...but you weren't ready for it. You refused it. You about kicked me in the teeth for offerin’ it! So you leave here as my enemy, Chet Duke. Enjoy the dividends."

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Hilery walks up to maverick from wihtin the garage while finishing a tub of popped corn adn sipping a root beer. 'One interestin' fight. Didn't think Chet would call a draw... Didn't think Brian would offer one either. I think by the end of the fight, Chet got some of Brians commonsense.... which ididn't think he had. I thought he was all for chriminal mischief. I hope eventuallyl they have an olive branch... eventually. Probably won't ever happen anytime soon..." Hilery says in a very low voice so only Maryanne and Daney can hear. "If i'd have noticed you guys earlier i'd have offered some concessions." she added before sitting down on the curb infront of mavrick. "So, waht'd you guys think of the fight?" she whispered, knowing neither Chet nor Brian could hear her from across the town square.

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"I wasn't very impressed. Infact, I'm rather disappointed. I can't believe that Chet thought the only way to gain "status" as a bad guy was to take Brian out. What the hell is this county coming to anyway? Doesn't anybody wanna work for anything anymore? I really hate to think I've spent 7 years of my life, workin' and bustin' my ass just so I can witness this..."

Slides off the hood of Maverick and paces in the road for a moment. Turns back to Daney and Hilery. "Nobody in Hazzard history has ever...EVER tried to take another person out in order to assume their status. Never. Every single one of us got where we are today by working, creating and writing, writing, writing. I imposed martial law on this town. I locked it down for 72 hours and we get that..." Gestures towards the square. "Obviously my methods of law have become archaic, considering it's gotten to this point." Continues to pace back and forth infront of Daney and Hilery. "Obviously jail time is no deterrent. Imposing fines hasn't worked either." Stops pacing and looks towards the courthouse, the American and Georgia flags waving in the breeze. "I think it's about time to impliment some radical reforms...."

Turns back to Daney and Hilery. "What Hazzard needs is something to do. I recognize that people get restless therefore, I'm gonna start comin' up with stuff folks can do...."

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"You mean stuff that's challanging? I think that was what that was halfly about besides settling old scores. I think Chet was lookin' for a simple challange ... one he knew he couldn't win, but would try anyway. I myself ahve done that. But please, make the stuff fun adn challanging." Hilery smiles. "Until then you could slap them both with communty service... and perhaps dress them in white or pink or both..." HIlery says then realizes she said the last part aloud. "Oh well. Didn't mean to say that last thing... but hey, they keep trying to be tough, well, how tough can a guy feel if he's weraing feminin colors... and i don' think brian would be caught dead wearing white. But either course of action, so long as it don't affect me too much, i'll back, concidering it's not very comforting watching 2 of my friends fight even if they are enemies, even if it was entertaining. I just wish they'd do an olive branch and be friends. I mean, two heads are better than one if your gonna rob the bank or cause criminal mischief because four eyes are better than two." Hilery shruggs. "I think they'd do each other better as friends instead of enemies."

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*just stairs at Brian, knowing how badly discraced and disrespectfull the actions had been* Cant fight you anymore, cant fight anyone anymore.

*pulls jack knife from belt and pops it open* ive tried willingly leaving this place, but every time i leave it always calls my name! This time i leave im never coming back no matter how hard this place calles my name. For your sake Brian, Im glade your such a good person, but dont try to stop me from leavin, dont have any thoughts of it. *Shakes knife at Brian threateningly*

*turns and makes a run towards the white car, attepting to make one last escape from the eyes of the law.*


Chet duke makes a dash for Ghost making a leap over a park bench. At the last second Chet Duke catches his foot on the park bench and comes crashing to the grassy hard ground. The knife in his hand gowging deep into his upper chest just below his throat.

Chet lays still for a short moment then rolls onto his back with his left hand on the handle of the knife. Crinsom blood stains his blue shirt and he squints his eyes shut in pain. His breathing becoming hard and rasping.

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Hilery drops everything that is in her hands and screams at the top of her lungs. In a hurry, she gets up and runs over to the young man, her best friend. "Chet!" she yells crying and sobbing. "Quckly, someon call an ambulance," she cries. She knew if Chet survived this he'd need psyiciatric help.

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*Having watched Chet's run for escape, and having witnessed the fall, hurries over to where the Duke lies wounded...*

"Aw, man...." *speaks quietly, sinks to ground on one knee to examine wound....sees Chet clutching the knife, which is imbedded deep in the Duke's own body; hears the painful breathing*

*thinks about what was, and what might have been...and though there are no regrets between bad guys....a gesture is made....*

*Reaches out, clasps Chet's right hand...the dark eyes of a Coltrane look to the pained eyes of a Duke....and there is no hatred.*

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*after calling for an ambulance on Maverick's CB, MaryAnne tossed the mike back into the car and hurried over to where Chet lay. She stood over Brian's shoulder and looked down at Chet and quietly placed her hand over her mouth. After a moment, she knelt down next to Hilery, touched Chet on the shoulder and softly spoke a prayer...*

"May the Lord support us all the day long,

till the shadows lengthen,

and the evening comes down,

and the busy world is hushed,

and the fever of life is over,

and our work is done.

Then in his mercy

may he give us a safe lodging,

and holy rest and peace at last....


*MaryAnne closed her eyes and bowed her head* "Chet, I'm sorry..."

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*Looks up at Brian squeezing his hand tight, it felt good to shake that hand and become in piece with the person on the other end.* Thanks...Brian...and all of you...

*closes eyes and swallows away a rush of pain taking a deep breath and letting it out. Opens eyes and looks at Hilery.* Sorry Hil...

*lets out a deep sigh and squints eyes shut letting loose grip on Brian's hand...*

(Thank you, all of you. Please dont feel that i have ended this way for any reason other then this is my choice, sometimes sad endings are good for the start of new beginnings. Thank You my friends I have enjoyed hazzard and i couldnt imagine all of you any other way. Keep dreaming...

~CHET HUGH DUKE...June 20th, 2003~ )

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*Feels Chet's hand go slack and slip from grasp....*


*as the last breath stills in the Duke's body....bows head a moment, giving a silent farewell.*

*slowly stands up, backing away from the body, allowing others to vent their grief....*

*....and reluctantly, raises dark eyes to look across Chet's body at MaryAnne...*

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"no..." Hilery cries. "NO!!!" she repeats, screaming taht time. The sight of Chet taking his last breath was traumatic to her. She quickly broke away from teh group and began to run. She ran all the way to teh Garage and into the parking lot behind. The young woman then jumped into her car, Jumper. With teh gas floored, she bolted into the road, and sped out of town, well over the speed limit. Her blue eyes were blurred with tears as she cried. She needed to be alone to think, but she also wished someone would come after her. Hilery wasn't in her right state of mind at all, and could barely see the road as she put the pedal down. Chet had been her best friend, her compadre, her compatriot. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

(sorry I wasn't on to post earlier. I went to the movies to see 2 fast 2 furious)

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MaryAnne was about to say something to Brian when Hilery suddenly took off. She watched Jumper squeal out of the square.

"Aw man, she ain't in no condition to be drivin'!" MaryAnne ran to Maverick and jumped into the Firebird, pulling away from the curb. The 'bird tore out of the square and out the road Jumper had disappeared down.

After a moment, MaryAnne saw the teal colored car and she floored the accelerator, bringing the Firebird up alongside of the Shelby.

"Hilery! Slow down!"

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Daney watched MaryAnne take off after Hilery. She was torn between staying with Chet and Brian till the ambulance came or helping MaryAnne try and get Hilery back.

I'll let MaryAnne handle it. Daney decided quietly and then walked over to Ghost to inquire on the Hazzardnet where the ambulance was.

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Brian felt his blood go cold at Hilery's grief, and he watched, shocked, as she tore from the town square.

MaryAnne's full-throttle pursuit of Hilery was more than that of a concerned friend. She responded to Hilery's departure with the rapid reflexes of a cop trying to avoid another disaster...

...and it took Brian only a few seconds longer to realize that Hilery was upset enough to destroy herself unintentionally. If that happened, he would never forgive himself. His fight with Chet had already cost too much.

After a sorrowful glance at Chet's lifeless body, Brian flicked his dark eyes to Daney, but she had already sensed the situation and seemed willing to stay by Chet's side. Brian gave her a quick nod, then ran like hell for Diablo, firing the black Chevy up with a tremendous roar, screeching from the curb to follow the path Hilery's mad flight had taken.

Maverick's blue tail was a short distance ahead, and the reckless pace was pressed a notch higher as Diablo came closer to the two roaring vehicles. "Hilery, Chet wouldn't want this...." Brian muttered, his thoughts half a prayer, half a plea....

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"I"m not going to slow down Maryanne!" Hilery yelled and pushed the gas pedal down even further on spite. She was angry, and she was upset, and frankly, didn't care anymore. Her vision was still blurry, and she was still crying. "Catch me if you can..." she whispered to herself, gripping the stearing wheel. THis should have been Chet's race, not her own.

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