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New Dukes of hazzard VS old dukes of hazzard


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its great to see that the WB is making progress Bo Luke and diasy have are cast but havent heard about jesse rosco or cooter. articales say its not exactly like the original dukes its being written directed by a guy who wrote super troopers Don't know if I like the sound of that. the general lee should be like the original general but who knows what they will do. I hope it has the charactoistis of the original and it sounds to me like they are going to make it different?????

The original cast should appear in the movie but who knows if they will get the chance???????

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hi my name is jeanice , i think that the new movie should have had the old cast in it really and truly do you all think jessica simpson is gonna be good at playing daisy i feel like she should stick to what she does best i understand that some of the cast from the old show have either past on or they just cant get them but im sure they could have gotten someone a little bit country rather than someone who is scared of breaking a nail. well i have to be going ille write more later.

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I am not looking forward to an "attempt" at making a Dukes of Hazzard movie...I have and always will love the show. I am more interested in seeing a (which is a screenplay that I am writing) "Next Generation" continuance of the Dukes Story. As I work on the story more, I will get around to posting more of the plot...

As it stands, Coy and Vance's sons come to Hazzard County to live with their Uncle Luke (since John is busy with Smallville). Of course there are similarities to the original. But what isn't a remake or a spinoff or a blatant ripoff out of Hollywood these days?

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