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Jay Chandrasekhar on a DOH sequel..

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How about doing a sequel to DUKES?

I think we made it…it was fun. I loved it. I had a blast. I hear they’re talking about going forward with a low budget prequel.

So you’re not interested in directing it?

Not for me. Look, I had a blast. I loved the Dukes of Hazzard show and I loved the movie we made. I know some people trashed it, but I don’t really give a f***. I loved the movie, and we had a ball, me and Johnny and Sean and Burt and Willie and Jessica. I thought she was great in what she had to do. Another one? We made it and we’re done.

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So perhaps there is some truth to the "rumers". If there is another movie Jay won't direct it and it will have a new cast.

What do they mean by Prquel? In the Dumber and Dumber movie it first was when they where adults, the prequel was when they met in high school. so somthing like that?

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Maybe the prequel could be about Uncle Jesse passing down the moonshine running tradition to his 2 nephews Bo and Luke. But Bo and Luke need a car to run in since Uncle Jesse's Black Tilly(1972 Ford LTD) was wrecked on his last run. So he gives Bo (the natural driver)$1,000 to buy a car and he hunts through the Georgia used car lots until he finds a repossed former Nascar 1969 Dodge Charger with an 01 painted on each door and the sponsers painted over. He then looks under the hood only to find a 440 with dual quads and pays the dealer his asking price of $500 and Cooter halls it out to his garage where he gives it a tune up and makes it street legal with the remaing $500 and then the rest of the movie is Bo and Luke running from the law in the infamous General Lee which civil war enthusiast Cooter cristened it after he gave it the once over.

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The key words that Jay said were "LOW BUDGET" .......

Plus you left out a VERY important part of that interview , talking about his new movie and the Dukes movie..

Is this any different from doing something like DUKES as opposed to the other Broken Lizard movies? Big Hollywood movie – do you come at this with a different take?

I think the thing about Warner Bros for me, was for the first time I realized, they really do want to make great movies. They want the movies to be…respectable is probably the wrong term…It’s going to push boundaries and be a little bawdy, but they want it to be good. It’s not just “hey we gotta hit that number†which was our experience at another place. You can talk to these people and they’re really involved in trying to make it good, and I learned that on the DUKES. They were like, “oh, okay, it’s going to cost a little more. Okay, you can have it.†If it was justified, they would say “yeah, you can have it†so in this movie, we actually ended up staying on budget, but more importantly, the movie has been good everyday. I’ve never said “oh, that sucks but we can move on.†I’ve said, “that sucks. We have to fix it.â€

I'm gone


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