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Crashing Down


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Although it seemed to be one of the hottest nights in Hazzard County G.A. the show must go on for the local machanic Cooter Davenport and Hilery Davenport. Fixing cars that broke down day in and day out, everydays same old routine. Hilery slept in the garage, up stairs in a small cot barely big enough for her.

"11/16th please." Cooter said sticking his hand out from under the car which her layed under.

Hilery who was taking a breck for a drink handed him the the 11/16th socket and continued with her cold lemonade. She sunddenly had a thought, she handnt seen her 'friend', if you could call him a friend, Riddick in nearly a week. Usually you saw him wondering around Hazzard square on and off, but today and the hole last week there hadnt been any sign of him at all. Hilery shrugged off the thought, remembering that Riddick hadnt been around so much with Brian Coltrane hanging around the garage more and more often lately.

Cooter pulled himself from under the rusty car an flung the wrench into the tool box shaking his head and dabing his brow with his hankerchief.

"Well there goes that fixer up until mourning, we dont have the parts to fix it until there shipped here from upstate."

"Then I guess we should call it a day." Hilery said getting up from the stool.

Cooter nodded. "Yup." Cooter gulped down some lemonade quickly.


Riddick stuffed the crude note into his canvis black pants pocket and silently opened the window to the second floor of the Garage where Hilerys cot sat made up pretty like a regular bed. He crept slowly until he made it to the brecker box where a lever hung out, he pushed the lever down and the hole garage became completely dark. Hilerys scream of suprise echoed through the old building, she could hear light foot steps coming closer.

"Whos there!" She said into the dark becoming scared, she couldnt see her own hand infront of her face.

"Its ok, the electric went out." Cooter said running his hand blindly along the tool bench.

"Hilery?" He said waiting for her to answer.

Riddick put his hand over her mouth and gaged her so that she couldnt talk, he tied her hangs together an prepared to do the same to Cooter.

Cooter saw the two glowling paralell dots coming towards him, Riddicks eyes shined in the pure darkness. Then it was all over quickly for Cooter he was bound and gaged next to Hilery sitting on the floor next to her.

Sunddenly Hilery's hand was grasped tightly by a hand much bigger then hers, Riddick poured blood onto Hilerys hand then printed her hand on the back of the crude note and did the same to Cooter. Both hand prints were legable, and it was easy to tell whos hands they were. Riddick layed the note on the work bench gentally leaving it unwripped and neat. Then he dragged Hilery and Cooter out the back door of the garage and into the woods where the three of them disapeared into the darkness.

[this is a true R&R, whoever pleases may add to thiss fic]

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Around 11:30, MaryAnne returned from patrol and parked her patrol car on the side of the courthouse that faced Cooter's garage. Cooter and Hilery were still working when MaryAnne had left around 9pm and she noticed now the garage was completely black. The outside light that Cooter usually left on near the office door was out too and the garage doors were still open.

MaryAnne got out of her patrol car and stood for a moment looking over at the garage. Something was wrong. Cooter always closed the garage doors when he closed up for the day. She walked across the street.

"Cooter?" she called, her voice echoing inside the garage bay. "Hilery?" MaryAnne pulled her flashlight off her gunbelt and clicked it on. She found the light switch and flipped it a couple of times but the lights in the garage wouldn't come on.

"Weird..." she said softly to herself. "Wonder why the lights ain't workin'..." She flashed the light over Cooter's work bench and saw the blood stained note.

"Oh my Lord...."

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8) 12:30am

It was as easy as he had exspected it, the element of suprise had once again proved successefull and Riddicks victoms had copletely coroperated. Cooter and Hilery rested in the musty old ****** mill with there hands bound behind there back and there mouths gaged. It was pure dark in the old ****** Mill and erie to a point. Although not at all enjoying the fact, Riddick turned a small dim batery operated lamp on infront of them illuminatting his face and enhancing his eyes yet further. Hilery tried to yell through the gag in suprise of who crouched before them but all that came out was a muffled sound, Cooters eyes lite up with fear and suprise.

"Don't go anywhere." Riddick said disapearing into the darkness and leaving the ****** Mill. He slipped down the dirt road in the dark, silently until he came to his destination. It was a road called Hazzard Pond Road an a young deputy of the law, Enos strate would be passing through on his way home in only minutes. Riddick retrived the flare that he had brought with him from his back pocket and lit it. He placed it right in the middle of the road that the deputy would soon be passing on. He settled down into the deep ditch off the side of the road hearing the low tone of the squad car coming, Riddick placed his goggles on knowing that the head lights of the patrol car would be bright.

The squade car came around the turn, right on time and just how Riddick had exspected. Enos suprised by the sight of the flar in the middle of the road stopped his car just in front of it, it was so weird that someone would just put a flar there for no reason.

"Now who put that there." Enos said getting outta his vehical and preparing to recover the flar from the middle of the road.

Riddick crept out the ditch, quickly, suddenly grabbing the deputy from behind and putting his hand over Enos's mouth. Enos reached for his gun but his hand was caught by Riddick's and pinched into pain until his fingers cracked. The young deputy cried out in pain from his hand an pulled his hand away clutching it with the other as his gun belt fell to the ground. Riddick retrieved the cuffs from the belt and snapped them on the deputy then gaged him with a bandanna, tieing his feet with duke tape. He pulled a note from his pocket and covered Enos's unharmed hand with red ink and stamped his hand on the paper and left it on the windsheild of the patrol car. He placed the deputies fallen hat on the drivers side mirror of the car then carried the terrified deputy over his sholder and off into he woods where the dark enveloped them both. :lol:

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A dark green early 70s Plymouth muscle car came cruising down that road. It's driver taking the long way home after the monthly family trip to Atlanta for supplies and visiting friends.

The Duster stopped along side the patrol vehicle. Daney left Hunter's engine running and got out of her car. Hazel eyes looked around after not seeing anyone in the Plymouth Fury.

She walked over and took the note off the windshield. A frown crossed her lips reading what it said. The brunette Duke took the hat off the mirror and bent down to pick the gun belt on the ground.

She stood back up and took another look around before getting in the patrol cruiser. Daney picked up the cb and clicked the talk button.

"Scout here, anyone out there on the Hazzardnet? Rosco, MaryAnne... I found a Deputy hat and gun belt with missing cuffs, patrol car with note abandoned on Hwy 36, not far from the Cotton Mill. I'm going to head to the woods and see if I can't find who did this. Scout signing off the Hazzardnet."

Daney dropped the mic back to the floor and got out of the patrol car. The keys in her hand, along with the other items that she had mentioned. She locked it and put the gun belt around her waist.

She walked over to Hunter and locked him up after getting her special backpack full of goodies needed for her private investigation work. Then Daney took a deep breath and walked toward the woods... with a confident expression on her face.

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While all this was going on, Brian was enjoying a cold beer and the sight of the local scenery at the Boar's Nest. Daisy and her friend Maybell were playing a game of pinball, and they were laughing and shrieking at the machine as it once again, cut the silver ball straight down the middle to be untouched by the flippers.

He was considering walking over there and giving the girls some pointers, but the the wary eyes of Bo and Luke were watching him. Brian grinned into his beer. He usually didn't fight with the Duke boys when MaryAnne had night patrol. No, he saved the fights for the nights MaryAnne was waitressing here. It was sort of a tradition.

He pondered that thought a moment. There was a day once, long ago, where he had walked into the Boar's Nest and felt out of place in it, the feel of the Boar's Nest so different from that of his old hangout in Atlanta. But now he felt a part of it, and the town had more or less gotten used to him.

Though to be sure, there were a few folks who probably wouldn't mind seeing his permanent exit, with his black jacket nailed to the wall as a hunting trophy.

Brian chuckled to himself at the thought. Personally, the idea of Luke's blue plaid shirt, or Bo's trademark yellow, being nailed up on the wall as a public scorecard would be pretty damn funny. "Khee!"

But there was no malice in Brian's heart with the Dukes; only the ongoing rivalary which was a part of Duke and Coltrane nature. It was with a spirit of geniune helpfullness that Brian got up from his table and walked over to Daisy and Maybell by the pinball machine. They had run out of quarters, and it was too early in the night for the fun to stop.

"Allow me," he said to them, producing his car keys from his pocket. He jammed a key into the pinball machine's quarter slot and jiggled it, and the machine dinged to life, fresh for another game. "Khee! There ya go!"

Daisy gave a little gasp at the sneaky trick; Brian's tactics would have been better appreciated with the gift of an honest quarter. Maybell, however, was looking at Brian with open admiration. She was, after all, a Hogg, and appreciated talent like that.

Such was the idle occupation of Brian's time, that he had no idea what was happening to the rest of Hazzard at that moment. He had no idea that an enemy was at work against people he'd come to know as friends...

(character note: will be out of town until late Monday night - MaryAnne has authority to speak for me in the meantime. See ya then!)

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Rosco and MaryAnne both heard Daney's call on the radio and MaryAnne tried several times to get the Duke back on the airwaves with no success.

"Scout, come back!" she called into the CB mike, but it was no use. Daney wasn't answering.

"Dang it," she said, putting the mike down. Rosco came up beside her.

"You reckon the note she found looks like this one?" Rosco asked, holding up the note that was now in a plastic bag.

MaryAnne sighed. "I'm reckonin'. Whoever nabbed Cooter and Hilery is probably the same that nabbed Enos. And if Daney goes into those woods they're gonna nab her too."

"And all of Hazzard County's gonna go 'blip!' and disappear!"

"We gotta git to the bottom of this thing, and we're gonna need some help. C'mon..."

Rosco grabbed his hat and followed MaryAnne out of the booking room and courthouse.

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Crude, he thought his own hand writting was, messy and barely legiable. But just the same the last and final note had to be left, Riddick sat on the floor infront of his three scared and suprised hostages. He was writting on a white piece of paper with a black pen, his plans that would take place ran through his mind and he was looking forward to it.

Even if it ment leaving Hazzard County and never returning again, he looked up at the three faces of people who had respected him and never judged him from the start. His letter was clear and vague an it read...

To the people of Hazzard,

Althought I have not been here very long I feel the need to move on and I have been called on a speciall task unlike any other. I will never return to Hazzard but this is one place of the very many that I have been that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Wether my life be short or long, wether it be trying or easy and wether it does or does not change. I have learned much from Hazzard, these fine people have shown me what reason I have for life. So now I return to my routes to better understand what all went wrong and maybe someday again my wind will blow in the direction of Hazzard County G.A. but until then...Goodbye.

Riddick -Tunder Chase-

He folded up the paper and placed it in one of Hilery's tied up hands, she looked down at the letter then back up at him with wonder in her eyes.

"You hold on to that until the law shows up, then give it to MarryAnn Coltrane." Riddick said talking to Hilery and gazing at Cooter and Enos.

"Im sorry about your hand Enos, but I coudnt risk you hurting me." Riddick said picking up the small green bag that he carried his few belongings in.

"Bye.." He said leaving the Cotton Mill and Hazzard behind for ever.

Riddick got into a stolen car that he had been holding onto for two days. He drove the car to the Alanta Bus stop, he left the car there and caught the 4:30am bus to New York City. He was offically gone from Hazzard County G.A. Forever...

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Guest Master Of Unknown

Two days after Riddick let at about 5:00am a 1970 Dodge Charger covered only in primer rolled into the town of Hazzard with a quiet engine. An engine that didnt sound normal, it sounded like it was dieing and was hardly able to be herd. It finally came to rest in front of Cooter Davenport's garage, the young driver crawled into the big back seat of the car and settled down to rest until the garage opened later that mourning.

At about 8:00am Cooter came to unlock the garage and open up for the day, he noticed the grey/primer colored car parked infront of the garage but he went on with his work. At 8:30am the driver awoke, he climbed his tall lanky frame out the window of the car and streched. He straightened the wrinkels out of his black jeans and tied the lace of his black work boots and then reaching inside the car retrieved his black stetson cowboy hat. The dark haired young gun rested the hat low on his head shading his eyes from the newly awakened bright sunshine and started towars the office of the garage. He peared up an down the streets of Hazzard, they were just awakening with people but were not yet bustling. The young guy with teh black stetson entered the garage, Cooter wasnt in the office but he herd his costomer come in and hollard an answer. "I'm in here!" So the tall figure let himself into the first large stall of the garage where it was obvious that the mechanic was lying under the older blue plymoth. "How can I help ya there?" Cooter asked from under the car.

The young, tall, and dark haired guy peared through the engine of the car at Cooter revealing who he was. Looking down at Cooter from the open hood of the car was a half blind face, a young character with one brown eye and one slate grey eye. A thin but pure black go-tee curving above his lip and down to his chin, there was a new mature apearence that Cooter hadnt ever seen in this face. An the apearence stopped him from his work and brought him from under the car to prove to his own eyes that for a moment he thought had decived him. But his eyes hadnt decived him, it ws indeed who he suspected.Cooter stood up and looked the fimiliar person up and down.

"Is that you? Chet Duke?.." The mechanics voice trailed off.

The tall guy nodded his answer and delivered the gift of a huge to Cooter. "Yes Cooter, ite me." Chets strong and well mature voice answered in the midest of the huge. "Oh lord its good to see you boy..."

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Although two days had passed since Riddick had left Hazzard, MaryAnne still looked at the note he had left with Hilery. Thankfully, no one had been hurt, and in all honesty MaryAnne figured Riddick wouldn't have hurt anyone in Hazzard anyway. By the words of his note, the people of the town had struck a chord of some sort with the mysterious loner and whatever road he was traveling on and what ever destination he was heading to, he had a piece of Hazzard in his heart.

Silently, she wished him luck and good fortune. She placed the note back down on the booking desk with the other notes that had been left that night, and she strolled over to the window. Across the street at Cooter's garage she saw the primer grey 1970 Charger. She chuckled to herself. Haven't seen another Charger similar to the Dukes car since....

She saw Cooter come out of the garage with a tall, dark haired young man in black jeans and a grey t-shirt. The mechanic was smiling, talking and had his arm over the young man's shoulders as they walked towards the grey Dodge. The young man popped the hood and they both looked into the engine.

"Can't be..." MaryAnne said. "Or can it??" She left the window and walked out of the booking room, leaving the courthouse.

She walked across the street, staring at the young man. "Chet?"

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Before anybody could acknoledge maryanne though, a 1968 shelby mustang flew by, turned around sharply, then screached to a hault infront of the garage, and Hilery Davenport hopped out of her grinning.

"Well well well," she said walking up, past the deputy sheriff, over to Chet. Nice to see ya home again."

"Nice to see you again too Hil," he told her and gave her a hug. "Missed ya ya little squirt," he laughed. "Been keeping out of trouble I hope?" he asked, only for her to shake her head.

"You shouldn't be asking me about me staying out of trouble when you know you can't." He gave her a nice hard, long look, like one that only an older brother could give. The young davenport woman looked around quickly, knowing Chet would yell at her for causing trouble without him around to help.

"Oh hey Maryanne," Hilery smiled. "Chet you remember Maryanne, don't ya?"

"Yup, sure do."

"Hello, welcome back to hazzard."

"Hey Hilery," Cooter asked, getting his cousins attention, "HOw'd you know that was chet when I didn't even completely recognise him wen he walked into the garage?"

"Well, see... I sorta knew he was commin', known for a while now," hilery told them.

"Yup, we been keeping in touch."

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(This post was writtin by Dimond D. and edited by Riddick)


He sighed as he held the "CATS EYE" diamond in his hand, what an odd thing to leave somebody he thought. The jewel had to be worth plenty, his old childhood friend, Guyeramo believed in its magic so he never sold it. He stood at the door to his old friends home, in the Greenwich Villiage of NYC afraid to go in and see what else could have been left behind. He walked through the home with his sister waiting for his friend to somehow magically appear, Riddick thought maybe Guyeramo would jump out from behind some door or from an old magicians box. He keep hopeing it was a trick like when they were kids, but deep down he believed he'd find the truth about Guyeramo's grandma's called trick gone wrong theory. In Guyeramo's life tricks never went wrong, Guyeramo had disappeared and this time his best friend was comming to the resque.

Just like when they were kids, Riddick owed it to Guyeramo, the man had looked after his sister when he was away.

"Hello? Guyeramo is that you?" An old women's voice crackled in the air.

She walked with a cane, taking her time for her bones were not what they used to be.

"Hey, grams! it's me. Tunder" He gave the women a mighty hug.

"Well, its about time! Where you been sonny.........he's gone, I begged him and I begged." She began to cry on his shoulder.

Riddick's sister just looked on, never remembering her brother to be a careing person.

"Begged him not to do what grammy? Where is he?" Riddick pulled her away.

"Riddick, its that dam box.......that CAT'S DIAMOND BOX!" she shook in his hands, "I told him to leave that thing alone but you know him ...just like his granpa!! THAT DAM BOX SWALLOWED him whole, he's gone just like grampy did 12 years ago. Help him bring them back......I need them. I ain't young any more."

The old women slowly lead the way to the box.

"You have to put the cats eye in to open it." She mumbled.

"I remember..." Riddick whispered and smiled to his sister.

His sister smiled back her eyes glowing with what Riddick believe was excitement, they watched it magically open. Riddick seached all the fine compartments then put the cats eye diamond around his neck as if it where a necklace. He began to wonder if he was truely makeing a mistake, his sister was giveing him a chance in her life something he thought he would never get. But that wasn't the problem, the problem was what if he was takeing her life along with his own. The box was called the CAT"S DIAMOND BOX because of how many lives it had stolen, would it soon be takeing theirs.

For the love of his sister, should he leave her behind or take her with him? In her life she had so much to see and she had so much she could do. He could ask her to give that up, he turned his back to the box and looked at them both.

"Leave the box unlocked grammy." His sister heard him say as he backed himself up into the box. "No! If you think you are getting out this easy , your wrong!"

His sister ran into him knocking him and the box over, the heavy door lid closed with a thud...

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Having been effectivly sideswiped by Hilery, MaryAnne smiled and left the Davenports and Chet to themselves. She turned and walked back to the courthouse.


(PS...Riddick...neat post. It reminds me of an old Mike and the Mechanics song "Silent Running." The video for that, which probably nobody remembers, has this story line where a father is off somewhere and the way he got there was with this glowing cube up in a spare room of the house. His young son, goes into the room, sees daddy's image in the cube. Daddy says hello, apologizes for leaving and says, "I need your help" and the cube glows brighter, the son disappearing to join his father....)

Can ya hear me? Can ya hear me running? Can ya hear me running, can ya hear me callin' you.......

Anyway, neat stuff. Tell Diamond D, nice job. =)

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Hilery watches Maryanne leave, then feels bad. Maryanne was her friend, and had been a friend to Chet, the trouble making Duke.

"I can't believe I did that," hilery mumbled, having calmed down from the exitement of Chet being back.

"Hey, you were just overjoyed. Why don't ya go say sorry," Cooter told his second cousin.

"Sounds like a great idea," she said grinning and gave her cousin a hug.

"C'mon Chet, i'm dragging you with me, after all, she came over to welcome you back, I just owe an appology, and hope htere isn't any hard feelings," Hilery told him, dragging him across the street, and into the Court House.

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  • 1 year later...

Meanwhile, Bo and Luke were driving into town, hoping to make a run by Cooter's garage before heading home.

As the General Lee pulled into the parking lot, Bo noticed the primer-coated Charger. "Dang it, Luke. Chet's back in town."

Luke looked at the car, not quite sure just what it all meant.

The two Duke boys gave each other a look that only they understood before climbing out of the General to go pay Chet a visit.

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