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I met Ben Jones at Autorama!!

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I went to the Autorama in Detroit MI. Sat. and I got to meet Ben Jones! The line was really long but i was lucky enough to be the 20th person in it, some of us had been there from 10:00am and he came out at 1:00pm Everyone that i met was really nice, Ben was really nice and so was his wife, he signed everything that i bought and chatted with me, he was super laid backhe was joking around with me and even sang the theme song. I even got my picture taken with him and the General Lee!! He didn't act like a big celeb, he acted just like a regular person. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet him he is a really great guy!!

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I met him on October 23, 1982 at a car show in Pennsylvania. There were two celebrities at that show. The other was a playboy playmate. Ben Jones' line was real long and it took an hour to get through it. The other "celebrity" didn't have a line at all!!! It was Cooter's (first?) wife's 30th birthday that day. He was awesome and, like you said, acted like a regular guy and not a celebrity....a typical southern gentleman good 'ole boy from Hazzard County. He might be crazy but he ain't dumb. I'm gone.

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