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If you have a boyfriend who is a Gamer, this song's for you!

Val Strate

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That is pa-the-tic!

I dated a guy once who played video games. NEVER AGAIN! He's married now and actually tried to pull that one on his wife. It didn't work. But they're still married! I dunno how she does it.

I've also worked with too many teenagers who are gamers. It rots their brains and does nothing for their schoolwork. They should all be grounded from it. All they want to do is be video game designers and they don't have any other goals in their lives.

The only healthy way to play video games is to go to a friend's house who will kick you out if you're there too long. Like drinking alcohol, it's one of those things that are evil if you don't use moderation.

I believe there's a website called girlfriendsgagainstvideogames and also one called boyfriendsagainstgirlfriendsagainstvideogames.

That's my soapbox. Thank you for listening.

Amanda of Jamanda

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