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Ashton Kutcher - Duke No More?

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It's been widely reported that Ashton Kutcher was gonna have a leading role in the upcoming Dukes movie, but I've come across new information that conflicts with this.

Ashton is currently working on another project for Columbia Pictures. The movie is called "The Dinner Party" and went into production 06/21/04. The movie is slated for release next summer, just about when Dukes was supposed to come out. (the name of Ashton's project was blandly listed as, "Untitled Bernie Mac/Ashton Kutcher Project" , I had to dig around just to get the name of the movie. Sheesh, why is this stuff such a military secret?)

Anyhoo...as Dukes was supposed to hit production this last spring - then this summer - and now we're gettin' close to autumn - I've gotta wonder just what the heck is goin' on.

Though rumored to be in "pre-production", the Dukes movie status cannot be confirmed. But seein' as how it took WB forever just to name a director, I'm not too worried. Also, Jessica Simpson is wrappin' up her summer tour this month - it's very possible that everything's been held back a bit until schedules can jive.

We'll keep the channels open and letcha know what we hear.

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I haven't heard any advance news on location. Given the lazy choice for the last Dukes TV movie, I'm sure it'll be in the WB's back parking lot.

On the Jessica topic - it's possible she's not supposed to talk about it. Britney Spears had originally stated that she'd been promised the role - this is going back as far as last summer - and when Jessica let it slip a few months ago that she was auditioning for the role, Britney pitched a fit.

There are a few instances earlier this year where Jessica made references to the Dukes movie. Somewhere in the movie topics here there's a couple of examples, so you may wanna stroll around the older posts.

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Not to long ago, i was watching tv, and this gurl i am dating is always talking about Jessica, well i didnt know who she was, untill i seen her on tv, and the reporter said that she was the actress that is playing the role of dazy duke... Then Jessica went on to say that she always loved dazy duke, and how she loved them shorts or somthing or other.... Just thought i would throw that out there... Thanks

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