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Fanfic Challenges for Everyone: Is it Something We Can Do?


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After having read the challenge section of this board posted by the mods, I have to say there are some REALLY great ideas there! I especially like the photo challenge and may try that myself if time permits. I'm a college student, so time is a luxury for me, or will be in a few weeks when school starts, LOL.

Anyway, I was wondering- would it be possible to maybe have a forum where the writers themselves can post challenge ideas for their fellow writers? It seems like you guys are all so talented and full of ideas, surely some of you out there have had challenge ideas. I just think it might be fun to see if the writers themselves have any ideas of that kind. Any thoughts on this? It's just an idea . . . .

This seems like such a great community and a lovely forum. You all seem like real nice folks. Hope to get to know some of you better in the future.


NDNoutlaw 8)

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Howdy NDNoutlaw!

Actually, if you like you can post challenge suggestions right in the fanfic challenge section. It should be fixed now where everyone can post to it. LOL. I made a boo boo last time and screwed up setting the thing up and couldn't figure out why nobody was posting to the topic. Then I was gently informed that the place wasn't letting anybody in! Can't imagine I'd mess that up. Heh heh.

I'll tell ya ND, if you can help get folks fired up on challenging one another I give ya my blessing. This fandom has some very talented writers in it and I know they're up to it. And I'm sure there's some folks out there, lurking in the shadows that are probably talented writers too and they're just waiting for that opportunity to come out and play. :)

Let's give it to 'em eh? KHEE!


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