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Why involve MaryAnne? From her post I think she's tired of being placed in the middle of everything that goes on. I don't blame her one bit...

we make choices and decisions without consulting her, then expect her to be the judge.

If Brian and Chet want to settle unfinished business... so be it.

I talked about peace for a reason...

All I have heard this week from everyone is 'You don't understand', 'things change', 'nothing will be the same', etc.

I'm not making a speech... just sharing my thoughts.

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Min unlocks the trunk and cuts the duct tape, setting Brian free. She helps him out of the trunk and pulls the bandana out of his mouth.

"Okay Brian you're free to go make more havoc and destruction."

She pats him on the back, climbs back in the car and drives away.

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"Hey, *I* wasn't the one who blew up the @#&! Boar's Nest!!"

Brian watched the car speed off, chucking a rock at it half-heartedly. For the life of him, he would never figure out Duke females as long as he lived. First they come to his aid, then they offer lectures on social conciousness, and finally, all else failing, they kidnap him and take him on a one-way trip to God's forsaken country, otherwise known as the Hazzard County woods and swamp district.

"Gah. I have no idea where the hell I am...last I knew, I was havin' a beer at the Boar's Nest, Chet attacks me, so I vow the typical revenge such an occassion calls for...and now, everythin's literally blown up and I'm freakin' lost."

With a sharp sigh, Brian put his hands in his jacket pockets and walked down the narrow dirt road. The thick woods that surrounded him gave no hint of what direction to take, and trusting to Coltrane luck was all he could do.

"Ya know," Brian spoke to himself aloud, "There's only thing that could make this worse...."

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A loud clap of thunder answered Brian's question as he raised his face to the sky; seeing dark storm clouds looming over his head. The Coltrane sighed as he kept walking; kicking the occassional rock.

The pitter patter of falling rain drops rang out all around him; he paid them little mind under another rumble announced the arrival of a harsh, cold rain. The ground hissing from the sudden burst from above.

Water ran down Brian's face; he wiped his hand down it, wishing there was another less wet way to get into town.

"Enjoying your bath Brian?"

A voice suddenly rang out, whipping the Coltrane around. His dark eyes widened at the sight of MacGyver, standing in his black leather jacket holding an umbrella over his head.

"How would you like a ride back to civilzation?" The blond man asked, a small smile on his face.

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Brian gave MacGyver a mistrustful glance. "What the hell, you magically show up in the middle of the woods holdin' an umbrella, like Mary @#%&* Poppins. And after what your evil twin put me through in the past, and considerin' how I ended UP in the middle of this overgrown swamp, courtesy of two Duke females and a roll of duct tape... "

The cold rain continued to pelt down as Brian regarded Mac. Despite everything, this was the only ticket back to town, and it made no sense to refuse the offer. Anything beat wandering around in the wilderness for days on end.

"All that bein' said, yes I would like a ride back to civilization. But I'll settle for Hazzard. You headin' that way?"

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MacGyver gave Brian a nod. "Yeah I'm heading into town, my Jeep's just over there. I was just out and about exploring this place."

The two men walked side by side along the road heading into the swamp.

"But if you've seen one swamp you've seen them all."

Mac replied with a sigh.

The bright red Jeep standing out; framed by the deep green of the trees and bushes.

Brian shook his head as he looked at the newest resident of Hazzard. He raised his right foot and set it down but instead of the ground being solid it gave way. He gasped as he suddenly found himself sinking and grabbed Mac's arm, his weight pulling both of them into a sudden soft spot of quicksand.

The two men suddenly found themselves chest deep in a nasty mixture of sand and silt, the consistency of it like runny oatmeal.

"Brian..." Mac said with a slight hint of panic in his voice. "We're stuck in here, we're all alone and there doesn't seem to be any way out."

Mac looked around, the roar of an engine got his attention as he saw Daisy's white Jeep pull up and Daney get out of it.

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(MaryAnne is used in this post per her written consent. Thank you.)

“Oh my lord,†Daney muttered under her breath. Her hazel eyes and the mild blue eyes of MaryAnne Coltrane took in the sight of Brian and the blond fella MacGyver in the quick sand.


“Could lose their grip.â€

“Yeah, but-â€

“We’ll get them out.†MaryAnne reached into the back of the jeep and grabbed a rope. Brian and the blond man were tall and with the added weigh of the quick sand, Daney and her might not be able to get both of them out.

Daney quietly followed the three weeks younger brunette over with hurried, uneasy steps. She kept her stare on Brian the entire time it took for MaryAnne to put the rope around her cousin’s chest the best the young woman could.

Brian being a bit smaller was the more logical of the two for her and MaryAnne to try and pull out, they could not pull both of them out at the same time.

“Just hold on Mac, we’re gonna need Brian’s help to get you out.†MaryAnne spoke softly. “Daney...†She held a length of the ropes in her hands.

“Sorry, MaryAnne.†Daney grabbed the rope and gave it a good tug. Old moon shining/running instincts came back in the second it took for them to pull Brian out. Her and MaryAnne smiled at Brian. He took hold of the rope and helped pull MacGyver out of the muck.

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As soon as MacGyver was back on solid ground, Brian let out a long breath. "Whew! For a minute there, I had the sinkin' feeling we were gonna be in over our heads."

Brian turned to thank the Duke and Coltrane combo that had arrived on the scene in the nick of time. He smiled at Daney and MaryAnne. "I'll give Hazzard County this much. Everybody's got good timin'! My thanks to ya both. Without y'all, we woulda been sunk."

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