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Bad news

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Hielry sees brian wink at her friend, who is getting to be more like a cousin thanks to how much her cousin LB talks about her and their possible future, Hilery takes a moment to think, then picks up a rootbeer float, crushes some pretzil into it, into very small pieces, and dumps it on Brians head.

"how dare you, she's my cousin LB's girlfriend, and she's like a cousin to me, it's as if they already tied the not, even if there aren't any plans for it yet!" Hilery yells, hten smooshes hte ice cream into his hair so a towl won't get it out. "leave all my cousins' gilrfriens alone, andi mean it. Besides, Kristy loves LB, and she sure as heck ain't lookin'."

*looks at maryanne* Go ahead, I dare you, I'm simply upholding my cousins honer not to have someone trying to get his girlfriends attention. Just be glad I didn't take and do a beer over his head because i'm underage. Brian should be ashamed because Kristy does have those two adorable children LB is nuts about and someday wants to adopt them for his own when he finally decides he's ready to marry kristy!

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Woah...woah, easy there Hilery. For god's sake, all he did was wink. Jeezum crow... *takes Brian by the arm and grabs up the two towels off the bar. Leads him towards the kitchen to help him get the ice cream and junk out of his hair* God forbid he said a friendly hello to her you'da probably shot him! Cool yer jets, girl.

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*finishes washing hair in kitchen sink, accepts towel from MaryAnne*

"Damned if my fatal charm didn't overpower somebody again. "

*fluffs hair with towel, finger combs it into place, one lock of bangs falling over temple* "Good thing I didn't ask Kristy to the barn dance. Sheesh, it ain't like all these backwater romances are published in the Sunday paper! I tell ya cousin, city life was a lot less complicated in some respects..."

*walks out of Boar's Nest kitchen, and pointedly ignores the giggling. Takes a seat at the end of the bar and lights a cigarette, keeping cool....*

*...but burning inside.*

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A tall dark haired Duke came into the Boars Nest, a cig in his hand and his black stetson abroad his head. Chet Duke sat down on a stool at the bar next to someone he hadnt seen in sometime, Brian Coltrane. Brian sat on the end, and on Chets left side, his good side.

But good side or bad side Chet remembered the beatin he had recieved from the Coltrane a while back, and he owed him. He owed him big time, this time Chet made up his mind he wouldnt give in until he knew he was beatin and that wouldnt happen. Chet had changed he'd gotten smoother and smarter.

Chet slide the dish of salt packets into Bians hand, then looked him in the eye. It was a daring look, his slate grey blind eye following his brown in the stair, a long stair. A few people sitting around noticed the tention, the rubber band getting twisted tighter in Chets gas tank of a brain.

(time to finish some long over dued unfinished buisness Brian) :)

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"Uh oh," Hilery said, looking at Chet. "Anyone ready for World War III? Er uh, who wants to play referee?" She knew what Chet was thinking, and trouble was a brewing. "Or who wants to convince them to settle it at pinball or black jack or something? Anything, I don't wanna see two of my friends beat the living snot out of each other." Hilery looks around. "MARYANNE! DANEY! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING BEFORE THEY DECIDE TO DESTROY THE BOARS NEST TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER!" Hilery yells to her friends, then adds under her breath, "why can't they just prank each other to death or something?" The young davenport sits down, waiting for an answer, and feels the tension in the air mounting, with a bad feeling in her stomach. She didnt' know who would throw the first punch, but she had a bad feeling who it would be if something wasnt' done, some sort of intervention.

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MaryAnne walked up to Brian and Chet and stood directly behind them. She put her arms around a shoulder of each man. "Well ain't you two just pair! Lemme buy the next round for ya..." MaryAnne looked over at Daney with a nod, who delivered two beers. "Gentlemen," the deputy said, "I know the two of you have had a rocky past, thus I give you this friendly reminder from the Hazzard County Sheriff's department. Fistfightin' is a misdemeanor....assualt and battery, ain't. There will be no brawlin' while I'm on duty. Unless of course, you'd rather keep me, Rosco, Enos and Cletus all company at the jail house? We certainly have the room...." She slapped them both on the back and smiled. "Enjoy yer beers, boys."

MaryAnne stepped back and walked over to the table near the jukebox, taking a seat. She took her hat off and placed it on the table, it clear that she wasn't going to be heading back to town just yet.

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Chet was aware that Marryann was not too far away but it didnt change anything. His mind was set to settling a score with Brian Coltrane and if Marryann had all the time in the world to chase Ghost all over the county then so did Chet. He doubted that any patrol car in Hazzard County could catch the V-10, NOS, 1970 Dodge Charger. A car that not even the General Lee its brother could keep with in cars length of.

In a blinding movement Chet swung his right fist, he caught Brian acrossed the face knocking the Coltrane off the bar stool. Chet got to his feet waiting for the other man to recover to his, in furry Chet fed Brian two kicks to the ribs and another punch to the head. Now he would let him get up, IF he was able.

( :p Come on Brian leme see what ya got)

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A flying beer bottle caught Chet on the side of the head and before the attacking Duke knew what hit him, a brunette had spun him around and gave him a hard shove. The action sent him flying backwards into the bar; he slid down to the floor and stared with wide eyes up at the angered face of Min Duke.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing?" She breathed hard as she turned to see her cousin Daney helping Brian get to his feet.

"Take care of him Cousin, I'll deal with Chet."

Daney nodded, the tears of anger rolling down her face. "Brian, come on Honey." She took Brian towards the bathrooms to clean him up.

Min slowly walked towards him and raised her leg, resting the toe of her high heel into the side of his neck.

"I do believe the Deputy told you to behave." She put a small amount of pressure on the toe, seeing the fallen man grit his teeth in pain.

"I think you're visit to the Boars Nest is over."

Bo and Luke were suddenly behind her; each man taking an arm they helped Chet to his feet and escorted him to the door.

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Chet turned in Bo and Luke hands and looked at Min Duke.

"You better watch your back cousin! You dont know what you have interfeered with!" Chet hollard, then he was tossed out the door.

"You need to cool it!" Luke said throwing Chet to the ground with the help from Bo.

Chet rubbed the blood from the side of his face, but it kept flowing, he would repay Min and Brian, if it was the last this he did. Chet put his fist through Mins car's windsheild. Then he drove away in his own car.

(you shouldnt have interfeered Cousin!)

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Daney saw Chet being brought back by Bo, Luke and Daisy several minutes later.

She gave Brian a hug and then walked over to the dart board, picking up the darts from the counter.

Hazel eyes looked at each person present....

Then, Daney threw one of the darts over her head toward the board. "What the hell is going on?! Why can't there be a peace morning, afternoon, evening, or night around here! Just once," The long haired, slender brunette waitress and private investigator spoke loudly but gently. She threw another dart behind her. She glanced around at people.

"I am glad I have everyone's attention. I am asking, begging, pleading, what ever it takes for folks to get along for a short period time." Her voice was soft and gentle.

Another dart was thrown toward the board. "Is that too much to ask." She paused and sighed heavily. "Aren't we all friends and families?"

Daney turned and tossed the last three darts from her hand one after the other, a grin on her face. All 6 of them were in the bull's eye. She went over and leaned back on the counter. "There is a time to compete and a time not too. Aren't we each suppose to be our own person, not like others. Or trying to be the best or who is in power," She folded her arms over her chest and blew some wisps of hair from her eyes.

"There is no reason for any of it..."

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"Friends and families? What the hell, Daney, you about to sell a telephone callin' plan?"

Brian walked over and yanked the darts out from the dart board. "Some things never change. It's nice that y'all want peace, but there's only so many sneak attacks a man can put up with, and mah number on that is pree-cisely zero."

*whips darts one at a time to imbed them into the wall behind the bar, lining them up in a neat row, the darts punctuating the words...*


This being said, Brian walked towards the front door, and added, "That ugly cuss has crossed me for the last time."

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Min watched MaryAnne leave and sighed, shaking her head as she turned to her cousin.

"Daney...I've had enough of this haven't you?"

Daney nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. "I tried to make peace but look what happened."

"Well it's time for some drastic action." Min pulled a stick of dynamite out of her pocket. "A gift from Alex."

"Come on, let's go."

They watched Brian leave and followed him out the door.

Taking a match from her pocket Min dragged her thumbnail across it.

Bo and Luke saw the spark, they both looked at each other and grabbed Daisy, leaving the Boars Nest through the kitchen door.

Min touched the flame to the fuse and tossed the dynamite in the middle of the floor where it landed with a thump.

The two Duke girls walked out the door and Daney held it closed while Min picked up a length of chain and a padlock, wrapping the chain around the door handles and locking them.

"Another gift from Alex."

Min and Daney opened Li'l Darlin's trunk and stuffed a bound and gagged Brian into it. He had been hog tied with duct tape, a gift from Mac.

"We're doing this for MaryAnne, Brian. She's been through too much trying to keep this town peaceful and now I finally found a way to do it."

Min leaned close to him.

"You said you love it when Duke girls go bad...how's this for BAD?"

She shoved him into the trunk and slammed the lid down.

They climbed into the car just as the Boars Nest exploded.

The two girls grinned as they drove off... no one had gotten out of the Boars Nest.

"So much for TROUBLE in Hazzard!" Min laughed as she headed down the road.

"Peace and quiet at LAST!" Daney said as she sighed, leaning back in her seat.

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(Brian Coltrane I challenge you to a RR, this unfinished business has gone on long enough. I vote that we let MA decide how were gonna settle this and when our exsperation date is.If she dont we can figure it out, and no one can interfear, they can cheer on who ever they want. Think it over Brian...)

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