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Last of the Bad Men

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I just watched "Last of the Bad Men", it was a pretty good movie for bein' so old. Jimmie was in it alot too, that's why I even watched it in the first place, He was the young kid that had never killed anyone, and he was always nervouse.But in one part of the movie he sang and played his guitar, he's a real good singer. But the worst part was when he finally got the courage to leave the outfit of outlaws and when he went to the Marshall, who was in on everything the outlaws were doin' , and the Marshall shot him. It sucked...plain and simple. Almost every other movie Ihave seen him in he gets kille, ex: Shenandoa when he plays Carter the confederate solider and he is fighting then he gets shot in the head and falls down as you see blood runnin' down his head.

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