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Grumpier Old Men(1995)

Skipper Duke

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Mama Reghetti:"Presto! Presto! Presto! Presto Maria!" Maria Sofia Coletti Reghetti:"Mama!" Mama Reghetti:"I caught him trying to steal the Vino Roso!" Maria Sofia Coletti Reghetti:"You think everyone is trying to steal the Vino Roso!" Mama Reghetti:"They are! They are!" Maria Sofia Coletti Reghetti:"Mama, this is a small town! You can trust people here!" Mama Reghetti:"Like Antonio!?"

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Maria Sofia Coletti Reghetti:"You like Italian Mr. Gustafson?" John Gustafson:"Yeah. Well I guess so. Why?" Maria Sofia Coletti Reghetti (Pours a big giant restaurant pot of Spaghetti Sauce on Max Goldman & John Gustafson.)"Bon appetit, and arrivederci boys!" Max Goldman:"Should we ask her fer some Garlic Bread?"

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