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Bo climbing out of GL's window...

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I know this is nit-picky, but couldn't the editors have done something about the way Bo climbs out of the General? It looks very bad. It shows that Sean William Scott never got it down pat. Almost every time he's got one foot on the ground and the other still stuck inside. And I read an interview about him and Johny Knoxville....Sean says it was hard getting out of those windows.

But if anyone on the movie set had bothered to refer to the old tv series (so that they might actually have a CLUE as to how the Dukes of Hazzard should be), they would notice that John Schnieder:

1. First, he raises his torso out of the car and, just for a second, sits on the door.

2. Then, while his butt is still on the door, he rotates BOTH his feet (at the same time) out of the window and,

3. he hops out of the General.

Is that so hard, Sean?

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It's not that hard.

And I'll definitely agree that watching John Schneider do it is a good way to learn. It didn't take me long to get used to it. It's been a while now since I've done it, but once my car gets out of the shop, I'll be able to do it right again. I'm 6' 2" and John Schneider is an inch taller than me, and we fit through the windows just fine.

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That's true, it was harder to get out with the full roll cage, but you should also listen to the commentary on one armed bandits, John says, "mmm, looks like I hadn't quite figured out how to get out of those windows yet." So maybe they're still learning. And John is big guy, much bigger thaa Sean, he's scrawny! It should have been easier for him to get out, even with a full roll cage. Oh well, it's just another thing they screwed up in that movie! Just think about it, The new Bo, is scared of girls, dosen't that tell you everything you need to know? Ya know I'm starting to wonder if the director has ever Watched the original show?? Oh well!! When we all have General Lees, (if you dont already, and yes this will happen) we can show those two how it's done!! :lol:

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yeah and did any yall see the damaged doors when cooter said that the doors were out of order I it showed it I didn't catch it and another thing yall notice that the charger was named the general lee before the upgrades and the shabby 01 looked like spray paint t me but I still want to know why it was named the GL before it got the overhaul and everything right nice and cozy like we all know it cuz it didn't have the name above the doors or the Battle flag on the top so its a puzzle there just wantin to see if any yall caught it as well as I did

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