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Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack Speculation

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Here's a loose rumor I picked up in the alley, take it for what it's worth...

The issue at stake for Jennifer Simpson and Britney Spears isn't just the role of Daisy Duke. Whoever is awarded the role, will allegedly have the chance to record a song for the movie soundtrack.

This is an interestin' grain of gossip. Take, for comparison, the Starksy & Hutch movie. It didn't have anything overwhelming in the way of a soundtrack. There were the expected 70's tunes, a mix of classic rock and disco, but nothing that gave the movie added punch. ( David Soul's 70's hit, "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" , was more or less made fun of.)

But it sounds like the Dukes movie soundtrack is going to be made to be appealing to Country music fans. Appealing enough to make them want to buy it. Tho' some musical variety will no doubt be present.

Anyhow, in the original series...Waylon's "Good Ol' Boys" theme defined the Dukes of Hazzard in spirit and in verse. It also became one of the most widely recognized TV themes ever produced.

Waylon's musical legacy with the Dukes of Hazzard may be the hardest act for the movie to follow.

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Thats interesting Brian, an I agree with you it does sound like country music fans are atleast going to get a kick out of this sound track.

An this is only my opinion but I think that this sound track should not be only original music from the Dukes, and old tunes that existed in there time.

Times have changed alot, I think they should mix some modern day music, Country, Rock and so forth with the old tunes. It may draw in alot of people and actually make the movie more interesting to a younger class of people.

Well thats just my opinion do what ya will with it.

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Personally... I think the soundtrack should have Walyon in it. No matter what they do with other songs, Walyon Jennings's music should be included on the soundtrack. He helped make the Dukes and his voice is remembered in their eps. I feel if the producers used at least one or two of his songs in the movie that it would keep some nostalgia feel to the film.


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