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Bout had it with Facebook

Skipper Duke

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This is bull crap I'm jailed for 2 days and can't do anything for 6 just because I did a reply to a Smokey and the Bandit line. I even used symbols too for the bad word. Dam algorithm I've bout had it wit Facebook.

Bout to start Instagram or something. But every platform probably has the dam algorithm word checking bot. Don't matter where I go probably.

Screw Facebook! I got ways around these whiney little b**ches.

Might as well leave the SATB groups on Facebook if this is what I get for being a participant.

If it's something to cause trouble for me on Facebook I'll just do it over here on the HazzardNet! F*** Facebook!

Dam whiney snowflake society we live in today!

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FB says I can appeal to have my Smokey Bandit content taken down. But what the hell is the use? They will keep arresting me in the future for the same thing anyway. So why bother appealing.

F***ing idiots! Wouldn't need no appeals if you jack a**es didn't arrest members for stupid reasons in the 1st place.

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My friend Darrin J Daniels:"Ikr.I seen worse things online.Geez!" Me:"Like this friend of mine Sam Hall. His every day of the week posts about Happy Monday y'all Happy Tuesday y'all etc every day. Women with big titties in see thru fish net bras and they do NOTHING to him but they mess with me for movie quotes saying I am inciting violence bullying etc. So pathetic."

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Dk what's up with my account. I am free from jail. Got my abilities all back. But they have not yet lifted the restriction message.

Probly have me under surveillance?

"Sirwalance" as the Rescue From Gilligan's Island Russians would say.

I have learned my Facebook lesson now not to do it there if it brings me trouble.

Don't even try using symbols in quotes to spell certain words if I know they will zap me do not bother at all.

I got the HazzardNet. I have my ways around that dipstick Zuck.

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