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  1. Howdy, welcome to HazzardNet!

  2. Ah, crap! I just checked Mufn's profile and it echoed your profile which echoed my profile, so...I've single-handedly thrown us all outta sync. I should change mine back. After I ...remember..what it...said? I shouldn't dink with stuff when I'm on cough medicine. Gah!

  3. BAHAHA! I forgot your profile pretty much echoed mine. I just updated mine last night outta some rampant sense of professionalism. Well, we've spent a dozen years slapping each other upside the head; I doubt changing our profile descriptions will spoil that fine rapport of ours. And in case you had any doubts...*WHAP!*

  4. You must be a source of raging curiosity. Your profile page has over 6,000 visits.

  5. Welcome to HazzardNet! Thanks for the tip about Tom's car show appearance; we'll put that on the home page in the future!

  6. Darn. I was going to give you an infraction, but the option isn't in your profile. You and your admin powers....hmph.

  7. Janesville, WI eh? Ya know, the Boar's Nest in Allen's Grove has a heckuva Friday Night Fish Fry. At least they used to.

  8. I couldn't tell ya why the other moderators hide. Probably outta pure shame, since I'm out in the public.

  9. Sorry ah've been out of touch for while, but it's great to have you back in town. You were missed.

  10. No, I'm not threatening you, I'm makin' you an offer you can't refuse. There's a difference, ya know.

  11. Me and the Deputy both keep an eye on you. Ever feel like yer bein' watched?

  12. I was just kiddin' about trading up, but you managed to go and earn two more demerits, one for cussin' on the Forums and the other for threatenin' to "hunt down" my informant.

    Total dee-merits = :(:(:(:(

  13. True, you never kept an eye on me, but that was the Deputy's job. Yer supposta keep an eye on the Deputy. That's why there's three of us on the admin team.

  14. You don't mind demerits? Well, there's more where that came from.

    Earn enough demerits, and you can become HazzardNet's first paying subscriber. Muahahaha!

  15. Yes, demerits look like :( and you've got two of them :(:(. Win a third one, and you can trade up to this extra-u-been-bad demerit, that's even more sorrowful: :cry:

  16. One demerit is o-fficially applied to your administrative record because your second-in-command has been depu-naughty. Ain't you keepin' an eye on her?

  17. This post confirms that one (1) demerit has been placed in your permanent record.

    I had nowhere else to put it.

  18. This post certifies that two (2) demerits have been assigned to your administrative performance record. Actually I just drew a frown-face on a post it note and slapped it in your file.

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