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  1. I’m sure it’s a lot of sponsor crap that’s behind it, if he really has to do it and he’s going to keep it my hope is that he would put a decal over it and not take it off permanently. My real hope is that he would sell it to someone who won’t do it at all.
  2. Part 2 Close up of ghost numbers: Engine shots: Interior:
  3. This is my general lee a little different take, the graphics are done in a ghost image. At the moment it’s only the door numbers but the rest will be done in a few years when i take the vinyl top off and paint it orange. The flag and name will be added at that time. The engine is only 318 but that ok it’s good on gas and still sounds nice with the glass pack and mild cam that it has. Car shots:
  4. Waiting for it to show up on you tube myself.
  5. Thanks guys been working on the car all summer now that's its put away for the winter i can come here more often.
  6. Hi my name is Keith been a fan since day 1 ,watching this show inspired me to make my 1st 3 cars as a teenage 70 chargers and now i own a 69 that looks like the general with out the graphics. Do a lot of surfing on this site and was able to meet Cooter at a car show a few years back. A lot of good info here thanks for having me and the site. Here's a shot of my 69 charger.
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