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  1. The second unit crew probably took it off straight away to switch it with another General.
  2. Looks to me like the fake General from the episode Double Dukes. Notice the broken rear window and the missing left backup light.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome all. I've seen the signs and I've als seen Mark B's model of Cooters Garage. Incredible! Just incredible. That’s the reason why I signed in at the forum. I've first looked at most of the topics. Some are really neat! However, I don't want to go too much off topic ;-)
  4. Looks to me like the fake General from Double Dukes (S04E02) which was flipped in the end of the episode. Both that car and the one in the picture miss the rear view window and '69 reverse lights.
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Just incredible artwork in this tread! I was wondering if someone could do a 1/18 front view of the Boars Nest. That would be a nice backdrop for those of us who collect Dukes related diecast models. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. Hello all, first time member here so let me introduce myself. My name is Roy and I live in Holland (Europe). I’ve been active on some other Dukes boards under the username “CNH 320â€. Big time Dukes fan and moreover TV and Movie car enthusiast. Being a Dukes fan, of course my dream is to one day own a full scale General Lee. Till that time I collect diecast TV and Movie cars. Having a couple of 1/18 diecast models, I thought I would be nice to have a 1/18 Boars Nest backdrop. Therefor I was wonder if there’s anyone who made a 1/18 (vector) art of the Boars Nest. I’ve seen some pretty nice artwork from HossC in de “Buildings of Hazzard County†topic. Maybe a nice addition therefor would be a 1/18 Boars Nest..
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