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  1. Just wanting to say hi. I haven't been on here forever. How's everything goin' for you? Your Pirates having a decent season so far?

  2. Not a problem. I was living a double life ;) not really though. Besides, I would do the same thing and be the same way.

  3. I know it's a few hours early for us both, but Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you're well and okay. I feel bad we haven't talked in a while. Hope we can talk soon. :)

    1. countrygirl1986


      *sigh* Five years later and I'm just now seeing this... I was having a Dukes moment when it was posted - I got framed by my cousin, claimed I attacked her, she had actually attacked me, I never laid a hand on her but her and her boyfriend put their hands on me, and well... and the investigating officer who legally couldn't investigate the case was her cousin on her father's side... the judge realized she was trying to induce a stress related swelling incident - threw the case out, and tried to nail her with my medical bills resulting from the incident. Swelling turned out to NOT be HAE - turned out, really really bad reaction to a long term medication that no one could figure out. I forced them to change my meds and haven't had a problem since. Also, said cousin committed suicide last year. Please, no condolences - hate to speak ill of the dead, but a ton less drama in my life. She wanted to be me, take over my life, become my mother's child and replace me... and it just... yeah.

  4. I looked at a few of the chapters which I liked. And it's fine to have the email. I noticed it but I'm fine with it.

  5. Great. Thanks for telling me.

  6. Wow. That all sounds crazy.

  7. Okay, I'll read them when I get home. We have an early release today so I get out at 1.

  8. Yah. I read them all. Chap. 20 is such a shocker. You wouldn't have expected it.

  9. If you want to send the story to my gmail, just click the send message on here and choose email. Cause that's the one I have for this.

  10. I've been writing some. And I give you permission. And I can try my hardest to be on when you are. It might be hard though. I don't really care if she is a big part or not. It doesn't matter. What every works.

    My white shirt is a tight shirt. We bought it at the beginning of the year and it fits the way it does now. And we weren't thinking about going to state and how hot it would be this time of year. And never thought of the school not being air conditioned. But that's all in the past now.

  11. That's sad to hear about the what ever it is. But good that your attack didn't do that.

    And our uniform for band is black pants, white shirt, and for guys a tie. I had long black pants and my only good white shirt that I could barelly get half way up my forearm. And I didn't think it would be that bad. I mean, I didn't know the school wasn't going to be air conditioned and that it was going to be so humid that it would make it feel horible. But the funny thing that I didn't metion is that we had to take different ways to get from Troy to home. So on the way back we had to go through Dayton and the second bus missed the exit and didn't get back to the school till I don't know how long after us. It was funny to know that happened. But I learned today that we got a 1 in sight reading which is really good. I think a lot of us didn't think we would do it. Now I just have to wait till tomorrow 'cause Mr. Spradlin said we might listen to some of the recordings.

  12. Thanks for sending them. And so you know, for the whole month of May we have Fridays off.

    We also got a 2 which is close to great. But it was hot outside and in the school. It was bad. I was so happy to get home. Had to drive an hour to an hour and a half to get there. But I guess it was all okay.

  13. K. I'm glad you sent me 9 because I don't know what I would have done if I didn't know if Hilery was still there or not. It could have went in a whole different direction. :)

  14. I think I can do it tonight. I have to add just a few more sentances but it'll be fine. I could get it done in a few minutes.

  15. It's not working.:mad: I think we have to wait for tomorrow.

  16. I'm sorry. It's not letting chat come up. I logged out and logging back in to see if it helps.

  17. It's okay. It may not work for some people but works for others.

  18. I will try to make it but I don't think I'll be aloud on that late.

  19. I would chat but I can't get it up on the school computers. They block it. When I get home we can.

  20. Yah, its always hard to draw on the computer. But easier with a tablet.

    It cool to know that it's Hoss that's doing it.

  21. That's good that you found one. And that's cool that you found a fun drawing program. I like to edit photos on line.

  22. I've read it. I'm also slowly working on it.

  23. Cool. I probably won't get to look at it till around Saturday afternoon. I'm staying the night at my friends.

  24. I'm doing good. should be done with it today. And I did like what was writen. I laughed about the plaid shirt comment.

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