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  1. Good. Just need to reread and then it will be sent over to you.

  2. I read the story and working on it. I will say that I love it but of course sad that it had to happen.

  3. That's funny with the groundhog. We have one or two too. And I didn't forget. I went to the computer lab for Geometry class and I decided to look on here for a few more minutes.

  4. I have. I am working on it. I didn't have much time last night.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wish and I'll check it after school.

  6. Happy Birthday. Glad to share the day with you.

  7. Well I was letting you know.

  8. I do pay attention in class. I was in computer class and had my work done early. I'm in that class from 1:08 to 1:52 (eastern time).

  9. Yay! I'm first! Welcome my friend!

  10. I hope ya are feeling okay. I will say that I'm sorry for not talking all week even though I was on spring break. Hope to talk soon. :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  12. Nice to see ya. Welcome to HazzardNet. :)

  13. Welcome to HazzardNet!!!

  14. I love all the pictures that you put as your profile picture. Where do you get them?

  15. Welcome to HazzardNet

  16. Well thank ya HossC

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