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  1. I was always a big fan of the show and was so glad to be able to take my family to see him several years ago in Griffin, GA. His nick name for his wife was Teenser, perhaps because of her petite size. I don't remember where I picked up that piece of information but when the kids were buying souvenirs at his counter I pointed at some shiny gold Sheriff badges and said to his wife Dorothy "I'll take a couple of those teenser badges" and said it like Rosco. She told Jimmy that and we all had a chuckle over it. He was a very accommodating person and it was neat to cut the fool with him in person a bit. He also did some impromptu stuff with a Don Knotts impersonator, as both were dressed as Sheriffs. Good times. Hard to believe it's been nearly 30yrs ago when this show first came out.
  2. Thanx GeneralLeeGirl, I have been scouring ebay too. None out there that match exactly. I am pretty sure Luke's is made of sterling silver and is custom made Navajo or Aztec. There are scads of them out there but none have that contemporary look like his with the exposed belt hook end. Most are also really large(Big Boy Country Style) which would not look too subtle for daily wear. I was in a western wear supply store over the weekend and all they had were trophy buckles(Hey do you want to kick my ass buckles) and really large Johnny Cash looking stuff. Not that I am knocking that look entirely maybe I am not ready for it yet. Baby steps......
  3. Maybe I have been watching these DVD's too much but has anybody noticed how many different belt buckles/type were worn by Bo and Luke. I noticed in slot machines Luke wore what looked like a bear's paw southwestern style buckle(very cool) and then wore some type of brass buckle with what looks like an indian women's head on it later on in the season. Seems like most of the publicity shots for season one showed the Bear's paw buckle. Bo wore a big square buckle with a star in the middle and then also wore a big concho looking buckle. Anybody how many different ones they wore and if any are still in production? I tried looking for the bear's paw style and there are many out there but none match the one Luke originally wore. Anyway, I am rediscovering "western wear" and thought a Luke issue belt buckle would be very DOH while also being very subtle(NO bright orange 001 buckles for me).
  4. These DOH remakes are the equivelant of a 77 Mustang with a Cobra sticker on the hood. There is just no replacement for the original magic we saw every Friday night when the originals were on. Even if done respectful(it wasn't in my opinion) the remakes will never recapture what the originals had. I still think the remaining cast has enough life left in them to at least do one more movie or perhaps a new series with some lineage to the original theme. Make it happen Jimmy, give the fans what they want, THE REAL DUKES!!!!! PS, Now what did I do with that glisseny badge that teenser gave me:)
  5. Hey Roger, glad you liked it. I actually found that info by surfing the net for everything related to Denver and Sorrell. I then used zabasearch to find their living relatives. In most cases no phone numbers are given but you could probably pay the fee to have them then come up as unlisted. I did email John(B0) on his myspace page and suggested it. I figure they have probably already asked some of them to come but you never know. I doubt their relatives would be real thrilled to hear from somebody that's merely a fan and not an old friend or something like that. Here is an article with allot of references to his relatives as well as his life: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9406EED71631F93BA15751C1A961958260 Also, Denver's brother Willis is an animator of some fame and notoriety among cartoon buffs, here is a link that show's his picture from 2007. He currently lives in Seal Beach, CA. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/books/book-update-inside-upa Also, we could write to these people ourselves as in most cases their current addresses are given. For respect to their privacy I am not going to post anybody's addresses here but trust me if you know how to use zabasearch(if you can post here you definitely can) you can get the address and send a letter to them suggesting they come. Peggy's address as far as I know is current on zabasearch also. I think I will at least write to her. Wish these people could have lived forever but I guess that's not part of the master plan is it?
  6. FYI: Peggy Rea was recently interviewed and will be shown on the big screen at Dukefest this year. She is not up for a trip from CA to GA but she is alive and well and will be represented at dukefest! PS, I wonder if anybody has thought to invite Denver's son to attend, he is in his 50's now and probably looks like Uncle Jesse too:) Denver's wife is still around too. Sorrell also had a brother named Fred who I think is still living. Sorell is survived by his two children and his ex-wife Miranda. It would be interesting to hear some of their relatives give some accounts of their past wouldn't it?
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