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  1. Sooo I keep hearing how great Duck Dynasty is, and how it has some really funny moments. Though I was under the impression that it was on the somewhat vulgar side, but after reading what you wrote Roger, I decided I would check it out.

    I went to my libraries website to place a hold on the season they have, there is 15 hold requests on it right now!! So it must be quite popular. That means I won't be seeing it for about a month. A week check out period, with three copies available, brings it down to roughly 5 weeks until I can get it.

    Hope it is worth the wait! :p

  2. Hahahaha oh my...I am enjoying reading the conversation on this thread between Garrett and Hoss. :popcorn: It has given me a good chuckle....

    As I don't want to get in the middle :-P

    I'm gonna grab my chance to post this song while I can....I love it....especially the line:

    "If you hand me my crayons, I'll gladly take your name...In case I run across the guy you knew...But I don't remember loving you...

    "I Don't Remember Loving You"- John Conlee

    Sorry again for not being able to post a link...

    Errrr scratch everything in orange!! I see that Hoss beat me too it!! By 5 minutes....Sooo I pick...

    "Two Dollars in the Jukebox" - Eddie Rabbit.... Now back to my :popcorn: And y'alls conversation :-P

  3. What kind of camera do you have? I am looking for a good one and it also has to work well in low light without a flash.

    I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS....I got it about 4 years ago. I absolutely love it...It has been an amazing little camera. Especially if you get the settings right. But it is very good for a point and shoot camera. It takes great pictures even without messing with any of the settings. The only thing that I don't like is it has a slow refresh rate for the flash. And what you mentioned. It doesn't do so great in low light situations. I usually have to use flash. I mean it is ok, but the pictures are usually grainy. Actually if you look in the thread Post Christmas Blues, the picture of the deer on the wall was taken in low light. They are not horrible, just not very clear. Also if things are moving in low light it doesn't work. They just blur, so I learned to use flash. I am looking to upgrade to one in the Rebel series. I need a DSLR in order to take any photography classes around me they don't let you register with just a point and shoot. :/ I have only ever used Canons. I had a Kodak point and shoot film one. lol Annnd I have used my friends Kodak digital easy share and I did not like that one. So I cannot be too much help with camera recommendations. Just go to the store like Best Buy and play with them, see what you like. Read the reviews look at test pictures. That is what I did with the one I have now and I love it! Ahhhh i am beginning to ramble I am sorry!! lol....I will hush up now.

    Oh what I mean by Living through other peoples pictures is, I can not get to these events that are near or on the east coast so it's always nice to be able to see some of what goes/went on in them. I can wait for the upload/download of pictures. I love seeing them.

    What state do you live in? And I understand I am like that when friends go to events or places that I would love to go but can't. I love looking at the pictures so I can see what it is like. It is really depressing when they do not take any! 8( I will work on the pictures...I have some video around here somewhere...lol....I really need to get better organized!! :p

  4. Well well well....I can't do no hyper-linking the song thanks to wonderful dial-up, can't even get on YouTube to find the song...but I am just going to throw my response in and be on my way!! :wink:

    Don't Worry Baby-The Tokens

  5. Oh well. As for seasons, i was just at my local sams club the other day and i saw seasons 3-7 for about ten bucks a piece. If you are willing to pay forty, someone is shuckin n jiving you for something that came out years ago.

    I never noticed either, until I went back to see when the others posted. And really!! I know Wally World bout two years ago had the first few seasons for 13 dollars but I already had them! I wish I was a member of Sam's Club now... I have only ever been in there once. And I am not willing to pay 40 for them hence the reason I only have the first four seasons...I think that is an outrageous price, for any dvd series. As you said they came out years ago. I figured they would be way down in price by now but they are not. So I reckon I will continue to wait and look.

    Until then I will enjoy the seasons that I have!! 8)

  6. Redneckgirl, I would love to see what you got even if they aren't very good. It doesn't have to be only of Tom either John will do and Catherine and anyone else you were able to get pictures of. hehehehe I enjoy them all because I can't go so I have to live it through other people.

    hey send me and email of some of them if you can. My email address is w_pagan_k_5215i_cc_a@yahoo.com. Yeah that one will work. I use my other one a lot and your email would get lost.

    Hahaha that will take some time....When I uploaded them, I only looked at the thumbnails. I didn't put them in separate folders to know which ones have been showed and which ones haven't been. If that makes sense...But I should be able to get around to it.

    I know what you mean by living it through other peoples pictures and what not, I use to have to do that all the time. But now I get out a little more :p And with my camera it is great....I hope to get a better camera one of these days, though I am happy with the one I have.

  7. Howdy! I actually just started re-watching them about a week ago. Sadly I am only on Episode 7. :( It has been about a show a night. I also only have the first four seasons. I don't like buying DVDs from the internet, they usually come messed up, so when I am out I can only find the other seasons for $40 a piece at FYE or Best Buy. I have never paid that much for any show or movie. So I keep waiting to find them on sale.

    I started to re-watch them because I was trying to find my favorite Daisy outfit, to post in that thread...I know what it looks like, but I cant for the life of me remember anything about the episode. Other than when she had it on, she was coming out of the farm house. That is my main goal to find it!!

    And JDhoggjr good luck on your Boss Impression!! :)

    Hahahaha I just realized that this post is from two years ago!! JDhoggjr brought it back to life... :)

  8. Great pictures, Redneck Girl! Thanks for sharing. Though someday it'd be nice to see your whole face there.

    A little late with this response...But Brian if I show my whole face how am I supposed to keep up with the fan of the month write-up I got which stated:

    Our Fan of the Month for September 2011 is a real woman of mystery, as you can tell by her photo with Catherine Bach! "Redneck girl 01" joined us in March of 2008. While she's outgoing and friendly with everyone on HazzardNet, she's a little shy about sharing her face with the world!


    She also included a link to her Facebook (faceless-book?) page.

    I just loved that, it made me smile!! :):D I thought of it when you said about showing my face....

    Ehhh maybe I will one of these days, when I don't feel like getting my "01" mask out and dusting it off!! :-P;)

  9. Howdy Kimberly... Yes I received your messages and Shiralee...if I were able to get get Facebook to load with dial-up I would answer back but it is being such a pain. Thanks for the link and I will stop by and take a gander! I'm just glad someone liked looking at some of the pictures. Oh I have oodles and oodles of pictures, I think I sorta picked the better ones out of the ones I took...they are what is on my Facebook in the five albums.

    And Looks like I have neglected to reply back to JadedPhoenixBurning... I think I will just type JPB for now, its much easier to type!!! :p

    Sonny was pretty cool and I was surprised by the bear hug that he gives when you get his picture taken with you. I'm not a big touchy feely type person so it was probably good that he did it too fast to be uncomfortable. LOL! As for James, I liked him except for the comment that he made to another when asked if he ever thought about painting a certain type of picture and he responded "It depends on how rich you are." o.O

    Hahaha yea it is quite surprising when you get that giant bear hug. I know in 2011 I was quite surprised. But I didn't mind....hugs are nice!! :p

    That is sad to hear about the comment James said...I've met a few people that make comments like that and it just kind of throws you off guard. I know at times, don't get me wrong I love John, and he is a nice guy and my favorite actor, but at times I get the vibes he does the majority of what he does because of money. If that makes sense. Things like that irritate me, but I try to look past them....

    Nope. I got in line to get Ben's autograph instead. I had a time with the start of the line since when the signs were put out I stood at the sign and didn't move for the next two hours. I had ridden with Dixie that day and didn't want to make her wait to go back to the hotel. Anyway, some moron claimed that I jumped the line and I was told to go back to the end of the line by the staff after the guy *****ed a fit (He had about 20 items in a cart that he wanted signed). Still, I didn't complain too much since what was the point? But there wasn't that many folks in line yet so I figured that I'd still get my picture signed in short order. HOWEVER, little did I realize that the few folks that were waiting in line each were saving places in line for multiple folks. Despite the fact that there were only about 15-20 in line before the end of the jump the line did not move at all for an hour due to the influx of extra people in line. It was obvious that Ben couldn't understand why the line wasn't moving much despite the fact that the back of the line had been cut off before I got up to him but more folks were in line than before he had a staff member to cut it off. He was a good sport though and didn't rush anyone and was polite and personable.

    I am glad I didn't see or got through stuff like this this year. Maybe I did I just overlooked everything bad. Sadly there is no point in arguing with people that say you jumped line, it is unlikely you will ever win. I've found that out the hard way. I have to apologize. I was one of the people that was being saved for. I watched the jump while mama went and stood in line because she figured if we didn't we would never see him. I was about ummm gosh I dunno how far back I was. I waited a half hour or so. Maybe an hour....By the time we got to him they had limited it to two items till person. I don't think Ben rushed anyone, but the staff seemed to be very pushy...they were somewhat nice, but they seemed pushy. Ben was very nice but he seemed very very tired.

    It was rushed. I rushed into his line the second day when the gates opened with Dixie and we got a picture taken together with him but there wasn't the feeling of really getting to meet him. And that was at the beginning of the day where he hadn't been signing for long. Still I'm glad that I did get the chance.

    That is no good, you wouldn't think it would have been as rushed with it just being the beginning. But like you said at least you got the chance. I know I am happy I did!!

    I got a bumper sticker, a signed picture of John then and now, signed up for emails and numbered card with his picture and signature on it. I'm number 108. Not bad for $20.

    Just out of curiosity, what does the bumper sticker say? That is pretty cool. I still haven't been able to look into signing up...If it is still even available too!

    I have a couple that I'm working on. One is a SciFi fic that sort of takes the "Life ain't always greener on the other side" to a different level. Though I'm working on taking the Duke element of my series on FFnet too since I've had a lot of comments about it and how they'd like to see the before story of my OC and I really do think that it wouldn't be too hard to "File off the serial numbers" and make it stand on its own. So I guess it depends which one is finished first. I did have a publisher interested in the scifi one years ago but it was destroyed and now I'm trying to revive it from memory.

    That sounds interesting, and time consuming. How long have you been writing? Oh No! That is horrible that it was destroyed...Remembering things from memory isn't very much fun. Especially when you can remember something, but then everything else is just on the tip of your tongue! How is it going? I wish you all the best!! 8)

    Hope all of that made sense!!

  10. "You're only young once but you can be immature forever."

    Hahahahaha Roger, I like that…reminds me of me and all my friends….

    Just a quick note on my post before…

    Here is out little baby tree this year!! We kinda went Charlie Brown… 8)


    I thought he was cute! This is a picture off my phone so it isn’t very clear…

    And look…Mr. Moose (Yes I am aware this is a white tail deer and not a moose!) even gets in the Christmas spirit….


    Well actually this is at my grandma’s and this was a few years ago. She won’t let me decorate him anymore. Her cat loves to tear down Christmas decorations. Buddy (the cat) would have had a ball with this…And she didn’t want the deer coming off the wall! Buddy actually basically destroyed her tree this year (again). He knocked it over and broke a bunch of the ornaments while she was gone. Mama and I had to take the whole thing apart, redo, and redecorate it. But we somewhat reprettified….Here is a picture of it also!!


    Sadly I completely forgot to take a picture while it had all the presents under it...this was afterward!! lol

  11. To me it didn't feel like Christmas this year...especially since we didn't have have snow, well at least pretty snow for Christmas. There was some but it was just blah. Then Christmas eve came and it was dinner with the family at my Grandmas. It felt like Christmas when all the kids were opening presents, but it just seem to go by in a flash and I swear I blinked and the night was over. Then it was Christmas day and it just went by so quick...I keep thinking Christmas is still coming up...but it isn't...well it is...in 355ish days!! We still have our tree up...even though this year it is only about 2 and a half feet tall!! :p It was really cute..I will have to post a picture of it! lol There were a few years when I was just a wee lil squirt the tree stayed up for I think it was 4 years straight...No lie, we just really enjoyed having it up, and it was really pretty, so we never took it down. So I got the blues too!!

    I always end up singing Christmas songs in my head

    I actually started singing them out loud the other day when me, my little cousin, my mama and grandma were putting a puzzle together..I do believe it was The Little Drummer Boy and Jingle Bells...They looked at me like I was nuts...but then my Grandma started singing along... 8)

  12. Howdy all!! I entered this contest back in 2010...I remember getting a PM from Roger asking about it, and I couldn't find the thread that night so I figured I would later...well as we can see that never happened...But today as I was scrolling through the forums I seen it! So I thought I would come take a gander.

    My goals were personal...which really was health related and all that fun typical new year resolution crap....Turns out I didn't keep any resolutions until last year 2012. I was halfway successful with what I set for myself in 2010. I was extremely happy with that.

    So even though I missed the deadline... My goals this year are simply to continue where I left off last year...There is a dress I would like to fit in by oh lets say late September, early October....and just to be happy...with a few odds and end goals otherwise...But being happy is the main one. :p:D

    As for everyone who entered GOOD LUCK!!!!! 8)

  13. GidBrownHollowboy that is wonderful that is was like your own personal homecoming also. I still have a chuckle when I think about Washington….I thought the town where I am from was small….but we have more than two streets going the one way…not by much though. It is a beautiful area down there. You are lucky to live there. At least I thought it was beautiful, at least where we drove through the places out in the country were. If that makes any sense. Sorry if it doesn’t, I am typing this late so I can get it posted tomorrow.

    Where can I start to describe what a wonderful two days?What was the best thing about it? Already thinking about next year's,can't wait .Do hope there is one, please Ben.

    I couldn’t agree more. I would love for there to be one next year. It was so wonderful. I think I am beginning to sounds like a broken record, but hey, it was just too much fun!!

    One thing I have to comment on is the people attending.What a wonderful crowd! All ages and appearances.Older people who looked like they grew up working hard at a blue collar job, young guys with tattoos and mohawks, teenage girls who looked like they might enjoy attending a Lady Gaga concert, little kids, familes, couples,bikers, people in costume, a diverse lot.

    I absolutely love how you stated that, and it couldn’t be more true. I had to take a double look at some of the folks and think “They would really like the Dukes of Hazzard? Huh Interesting†It was great to see. The one thing I love is seeing how much the little kids love it, the next generation of Dukes fans. It gives me hope yet!

    As for the foul mouth lady behind me in line. I actually think I ran into her again at an Aaron Tippin concert about a week ago. She was behind us, again very vulgar and foul mouth. Then she started with Hazzard Homecoming and line jumpers (fortunately I was taking the chairs back to the car so I missed all this, but unfortunately mama had to listen to it). She went on about how she stood in line for Cooter for 8 hours and all the line jumpers and she still didn’t get his autograph. It didn’t register until later, but I’m pretty sure it was the same lady. :/ Oh well…like you said there is always someone!

    As to Ralph Stanley it was good to see him for I am afraid we will not have many more chances.

    Sadly I believe you are right. I was disappointed last year that I did not get to see his show. But I was really happy when we had the time to watch it this year. I was amazed that even though he looked as frail as he did he sung along with the songs with all the words and everything. I am really glad I got to see him. I kinda wish now that I would have also got my picture with him afterwards. I know a few other folks did, but he seemed a little spaced out. But he signed away.

    My mama was really excited about seeing Stella Parton again. She saw her back in 76 and took some pictures. She had an 8X10 made of the one and was going to have Stella sign it, but she left before mama got the chance. As for Lisa, yea she is a very good singer and such a sweet person. I really enjoy listening to her. As for John singing, I think I melted when he started singing…. *_* < -- that is my starry eyed, I’m in love look. Haha!

    I absolutely loved them singing Fox on the Run (I’m not sure if I already said that but I LOVED it) I hope someone got it recorded and puts it on youtube, or it will be in the DVD. Also I loved they did “A Boy Named Sueâ€

    An unforgettable and moving moment was when Rev. David Clanagan gave the blessing or invocation before the Sunday gospel sing. For those who were not there and do not know, he is an African-American and a friend of Ben's. So much for the silly argument that has been made that the Dukes represent racism because of the flag on the General Lee.

    I did not get to see or hear this, and from your account I wish I had. I really like the fact that Ben arranged for a “Church sing†on Sunday morning, I thought that was really nice, and a very thoughtful touch.

    The Civil War cavalry re-enactment was very interesting and so was getting a chance to talk with the members afterward. My own great-grandfather served with Company D, 7th Virginia Calvalry, and it us possible he once camped at this place. According to Ben , Stonewall Jackson's troops camped on this very spot during the campaign of the summer of 1862, when much of the action of the war took place in this part of the state, culminating in the Second Battle of Bull Run.
    That is really interesting. I love history, unfortunately I do not know a whole lot about it. And all my classes in school had a tendency to skip over learning about the Civil War, or anything dealing with the Indians. Heck they didn’t even teach us about Custer’s Last Stand. So being able to see stuff like the re-enactment and having it explained was really nice. It was a great picture opportunity too! I also did not know the troops had stayed on that land. I like your post, I learned some new things, well both in yours and JPB.

    There seemed to be waaaay more food than there was last year. I seen they had French fries, which I was really happy about, but it was too hot for me to eat. I saw they were only $2 which was reasonable. My mama had a cheeseburger and she said that it was really good. I had some sweet-tea I wish would have been a wee bit sweeter, but it was cold.

    You mentioned about the merchandise, the t-shirt with all their faces on it was a wonderful idea and I was able to have them all sign it, so I couldn’t be happier. I hope that when I get on Cooter’s website they will have some of the orange shirts left over and I can get one of those so I can wear it. I don’t wanna wear the one with the signatures, I’m gonna frame it! 8)

    We all who were there owe a great big thanks to the cast, to Ben and Alma, to the stunt people, the musicians, and anyone else involved with the show who gave so generously of their time. And to the sheriff's department who while they seemed to have few problems to face, gave us their time and cheerfully and professionally went about their duties.And they looked like they enjoyed the show.As did we all

    Very well said, and I say a mighty THANK YOU to all involved. I just hope they feel like being involved next year and do it again!!

    Ok now I am done yammering….I am sure I sound like some little kid who doesn’t know anything by now. Probably I repeated a lot of things, but ehh. I really hope it made sense. But I just enjoyed this so much. And I love hearing what other people thought, so thank you for sharing.

  14. Howdy….Well I am still on cloud nine from Homecoming….And I finally got a few more videos uploaded if you would like to take a look. There may be one or two more but I dunno when I will get those uploaded. So here are the ones I got (Sorry about the video quality):

    http://youtu.be/sRlwVoBUz60 This is Friday night at the premier thingy of “The Return of the Killer Shrews.†Everyone getting out of the cars and the fans going crazy. It was a lot of fun.

    http://youtu.be/gOe4fc0fnt8 This is when everyone is introduced inside the theater. A few of Ben’s comments made me laugh.

    http://youtu.be/pi-UBLTOegM They are explaining a little more about the movie and why it was made, etc…etc.

    http://youtu.be/H-hfXtmfpjE This one the General Lee jump the first day of Hazzard Homecoming.

    http://youtu.be/YQZAdKzDNyM This one is where John tells Tom they will be jumping the General Lee, and John makes the comment that the General isn’t in good shape when Tom jumps it. Then John sings Country Girls, and then Tom sings Up On Cripple Creek

    http://youtu.be/MKFb9QPgzvs this is the last day of Homecoming. The whole cast and a few friends sing the theme song. I am really glad that I got to watch this. It was so wonderful to see. I will never forget it! 8)

    That’s all for videos…

    Anyways I am so glad to hear other folk’s experiences. I like reading them. I also love that y’all was able to sum it up into one post. Now if I were only able to do that. Maybe if I waited a month to post about it, I wouldn’t feel the need to tell every detail…Nawh who am I kidding, I’m still high about cloud numero nueve!! I would have written as much if not more…

    I was there with DixieDavenport. We should have all gotten together
    That would have been a great idea! I didn’t even know anyone from Hnet was going this year. It would be nice to meet some of the folks from the forums. I think I logged in Sunday night, the night Homecoming was over that Dixie posted who was in Hazzard for the homecoming. But on the bright side I did meet some really great people. And I met people I had met from last year also. It was really nice.
    I went with my husband who was not a fan really but he was a good sport and sat in the tent while I got Sonny and James's autographs.

    Hahahahaha I think I would have left hubby at home :p But at least he was nice enough to go, and apparently almost lasted the whole day! 8) So what did you think of Sonny and James? I know you said it was your first Dukesfest. But have you met any of the cast at like car shows or what not before this?

    I am sorry to hear about having to leave Daisy’s line because it wasn’t moving. I know I ran for it….well actually I told myself I wasn’t going to run this year and I just speed walked!! Haha….It was a descent wait. Like I said before they was kind of really rushing her but they was nice. Maybe next year you can see her! (I keep saying maybe next year in hopes they will have it again….but this is being very optimistic and hopeful! :/ ) I know everytime I looked at her line it was extremely long. I think her and Tom were competing on who had the longest line for the weekend.

    . He stayed at the hotel Sunday so I was able to stay longer then. I remembered to use my handicapped place-card Sunday since Saturday I didn't and I literally had to walk from the very back of the lot. I also remembered to take my chair in for the wait

    He may have been smart…at least in a hotel there was air conditioning…You said you got to stay longer, was you able to see the jump at 5:30. And oh wow that would have been an extremely long walk. Both days we was in the first three rows and to me that felt like an eternity. I can imagine from the back of the field walking to the car and back.

    So how was your experience with Tom? I heard negative and positive and neutral. I am just curious. I know he seems to have a reputation of not being nice to be around. I am glad I got him at a good time.

    When I saw that John's line was down from where it had started I jumped in to meet him. I had his signature already since I'm a member of his fan club but I wanted to meet him and tell him that he inspired me to go back to writing after seeing an interview he'd done a few years back and it was posted on Youtube.

    I am glad to hear that you had a really good time meeting John. I was also happy to hear while I was standing in his line that he had started his fan club back up. Something I did not know. I am going to have to look into that. What exactly do you get in his fan club? I just love John (incase no one has noticed) He is always happy, and talks to you and you just leave with a smile. As for readers in 85 countries WOW! I give you an internet high five. That is impressive. And I wish you all the best with publishing your story and all once you get it finished. Can I ask what it is about?

    There was so much that I wanted to tell him but I knew that I had to be courteous to the folks that were behind me in line.
    True and true. I can think of a thousand things I would love to say, but usually I get tounge tied and can’t spit anything out. This year I did though, and they took time to listen while they signed. Then as soon as they got done signing I shut my mouth, got my picture, said thanks and went on my way. I at least tried to.
    . There were a number of children that I saw taken to the front of the lines multiple times; only they had different adults with them each time. In essence, folks were using their kids to get to the front of the line. That irked me to high heaven.

    I agree that would irk me majorly too. That just ain’t right. Something like that happened last year in Catherine’s line. They had the special needs line, but then folks that didn’t have any blended in so they could see her sooner than the folks who had already stood there ALL day. I didn’t think that was right. As for another coincidence with using kids. Last year when Cooter got off the stage, he signed things, and then they made it he would only sign if you had kids. It was amazing how many kids acquired different parents in a matter of seconds. Stuff like that annoys the heck outta me. But this year I was too busy enjoying everything to even notice the negatives…like line jumpers.

    Your idea about the different color marks on their arm band would be very useful. I think it would help smooth things like that out. I think cattle gates might work too. You know them dumb little gates folks at these events put up to run the line through. I don’t like them, because I feel like a critter being herded through them, but I’ve noticed if they are the metal type fence thingys they do cut down on line jumping. But that also cuts down on the ease of running back and forth to get drinks. The “line limits†they put up with the ribbon stuff didn’t stay up very long folks had a tendency to take them down. And yep suggestions never hurt….it never hurts to try.

    It sounds like overall you had a good time. 8) I am really hoping there is a next year.

    I was really trying to keep my responses short and sweet…but that isn’t working. I am sorry :/

  15. Then I headed to the BMX bike tricks. I didn’t make it there fast enough for they had finished up for the day. I was sad I didn’t get to watch any of it because it was really interesting last year and they done some really cool tricks. They also had a mechanical bull, which I wish I had ridden but maybe next time. It was $5 a ride. They also had a car set up in which they were taking pictures in the General Lee. A 4X6 was $5 and an 8X10 was $10. You got them right there on the spot. I wish they would give rides in the General Lee!! Anyways they had a water slide type thing, a climbing wall, a little ride like you would see at a fair. It was called Tubs of Fun, and they were seats shaped as tubs and they went around in a circle. Oh random story…. I went to the car to get something and as I was walking by these folks I heard one say to the other “She looks like Daisy†and I figured they were talking about someone else, until I looked around and seen there was no one else to be talking about. I was amused…sorry… Anyways I went over and watched some of the wrestling type thing. I have no idea about any of it, but it was funny. The crowd seemed to love it, and I got a great picture. You really couldn’t get near the ring for all the people that was watching it. You could tell they were enjoying it.


    So after that I went back to the tent and I watched Dr. Ralph Stanley and The Clinch (sp) Mountain Boys. Dr. Stanley had been in the hospital for the past week and he had to sit through the show. But he said that in his 64 years of performing he had never missed a show, and he wasn’t about to start now. Even if he had to crawl and just watch he was going to be there, and he was. He sung right along with the songs. It was nice, I enjoyed it. So when the show was over, they made the announcement that if you wanted to go get their autograph and whatever to go make a line at the merchandise booth. So a good many people made their way over and we got in the line that was there, because we all assumed that was for Dr. Ralph Stanley. So about 10 minutes later this girl informed us that it was the Cooter line, so we moved over to where the line for Dr. Ralph Stanley was. So we kept moving, and you could tell this lady was getting aggravated and she was beside me so I heard what she was saying. She started out real quiet, basically every third word a curse word. She kept getting louder and louder and then she looked at us and said you know there is a line that y’all could get in and it isn’t fair we have been standing here for Cooter for 8 hours and y’all are just shoving your way in. (This is edited, like I said it was filled with vulgar language). So after a few minutes I got sick of hearing it, and I told her Ma’am we are in a line to buy Dr. Ralph Stanley’s merchandise and what not, you are in a line to see Cooter. We are in no way cutting in on the line to see Cooter. (If she had eyes and would pay attention she would have noticed the line I was in was moving, and Cooter wasn’t out there yet, so it obviously wasn’t his signing line we was cutting in on.) Anyways once I finished my explanation she stuck her nose in the air and scoffed who was Raplh Stanley? Someone else said that old man that was just on stage. She mumbled why anyone would wanna see him. I just went on my way. On the bright side while I was standing there in line they brought Sonny through to take him on stage and I saw him and waved and he put his hand on my shoulder and said “Hey pretty girl, how are you?†(Ok so he was being nice, but hey still makes me feel good… :p )Anyways…So I had Mr. Stanley and his grandson Nathan to sign the photo they had. I wanted to get a picture with them, but I left my camera in my seat. So I got to meet them and went back to my seat.


    They brought the cast out and what not. Mr. Best and the guy who was playing Barney done their alphabet game again. John sang Country Girls, Tom sang Up on Cripple Creek and they all sang The Good Ol Boys. It was really nice. It didn’t last very long, I wish they had stayed on stage longer but I reckon they wanted to get home.

    The following picture is probably one of the better ones I got…I liked it…


    But they was up on stage and John informed Tom that they was going to jump The General Lee. And Tom was like ohhh no I’m not, not with you driving. John said well we aren’t going to jump it with you driving, I have a picture over there of what happens when you jump it. He looks at the audience and goes it is all squished into a ball and destroyed. They just started laughing. So they headed to the jump and so did everyone else. I recorded it. So here is a link to the video….

    Bo and Luke actually climbed through the window of the General, it looked like the couldn’t do that as easy as they use to.. :p John looked like he was having fun playing in the General Lee. The police car chased them, and it was good ol’ country fun!! So they went around the hill, and the General that had the stunt guys came out and made the jump. They got out and posed for their picture and talk to the cameras and then it was over. That moment was really depressing when I realized there was no more. But Cooter was singing from 5:30 on, he said he would sign the whole night if he had to. Mama had got in line while I watched the jump, so I went and got back in line. We waited about a half hour. They cut what each person could have signed down to two things. We finally saw Cooter. He seemed happy but extremely tired, but I can imagine he was. The people before us had the model of The General Lee that had the buttons for the horn, and engine and what not. He said this is my favorite and he started pushing the buttons, he was like a kid in the candy store. Anyways I got to see him, and chat a moment or two, I told him I couldn’t even begin to say how much fun I had and he said they had a lot of fun too. So then it was time to leave. I had met all 7 of the original cast in two days. I was estatic, and I had such a good time. Cooter saw that I had everyone sign my shirt, and he said wow you was really lucky, do you now how long it would take just to start looking for them and have them all sign it. I said a few years at least, so I was really excited. But then it was time to go and we headed for the gate and I ran into my new friends I had met a few weeks ago at the fair. I ended up talking to them for probably an hour. The sun started to set and it was a really nice end to the weekend.

    I am so blessed and grateful that I got to go. I really didn’t think that I would get the chance. And I must thank my mama for going with me and standing in line and taking my pictures and all of that. I had soo much fun, and I think she even enjoyed it. Seeing all of them on stage together and having so much fun was just absolutely amazing. It was like they gave everyone happy pills! It was really really nice. I dunno how else to explain how much I enjoyed these three days. It was just awesome. Maybe I just needed a vacation. I hope everyone else had such a good time as I did. I know from what I heard people talking, some didn’t, but I hope they make the best of their experience. I would love to hear what everyone else thought that went to Hazzard Homecoming. I hope to have my pictures on Facebook sometime, and I will post the link. Hopefully this year I can get some to the gallery on here, but that upload only one at a time button unnerves me because I then look at how many pictures I have and think that will take days and days. :p

    Well I apologize once again for this being so long, Hope you didn’t get too bored. I tried adding a variety of pictures so it wasn’t soo monotonous. Thanks for reading! I hope some of it made sense, this was typed at like three in the morning....And I hope there was something you enjoyed reading/looking at that you wasn’t completely bored out of their mind.

    Ok so I got YouTube to upload one video....This is the second jump, which was the second day. They made everyone think Tom and John were going to jump it, but they snookered everyone and the stunt folks ended up jumping it :p (Sorry my video skills are crap…and it is like three videos put together, cause they did a lot of sitting so I cut and pasted the videos—The actual jump is at about 3:18)


    There are a few more videos that I would like to share and I will post once I get them uploaded but that won’t be for a week or so. So until then here are the links to my Facebook albums, there are 5 of them. I took a lot of pictures…and this ain’t even half… 8)






    Ok I’m done babbling now…. 8)

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