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  1. Just walking around singing... "Eating rainbow stew with a silver spoon, underneath that sky of blue, we'll all be drinking that free bubble up and eating that rainbow stew."

  2. Hello Garrett!! How are you? I feel like it has been forever since I visited this place....

  3. I sure hope so...course usually when I plan to do things one way, they turn out a different way. And Thanks, so far I really do love it...I enjoy it, everyone is nice, it is close to home, it isn't hard at all.

  4. Hahahaha I know! I'm just kidding around!! :D I am trying to make this place my second home again, but since I actually finally got a job, it seems I can only get on from about 9 till midnight...lol....I miss it here.....

  5. Heeeey!!! How are yooou!!! :)

  6. Heeey stranger whats happening? lol :D

  7. Sorry for the repeat messages...My computer is going flooey. Hahahaha... How old is your niece?

  8. Yea fun fun...I get to start all over again with college in the fall..Booo....And Thanks!! Lack of sleep is no fun!! Working too hard??

  9. Yea fun fun...I get to start all over again with college in the fall..Booo....And Thanks!! Lack of sleep is no fun!! Working too hard??

  10. Howdy Howdy Howdy!!! How are yooouuu!?!?! I have been ok....A bit trapped in my house...but that is alright....Graduated college...that is always fun. So yea I've been good...

  11. Hazzardnet is a wonderful place to be....I consider it to be a second home, I just wish I was able to be on it as much as I used to be. I wish you luck on your projects 8)

    I am wonderful just a little cold!! :p

    Oh and Congrats on being Fan of the Month!! 8)

  12. Hi!! I see that you loggged in about a week ago...How have you been?

  13. Yea it did seem to go by in a flash...and yep mine was pretty good, a few people could of had to work, that would have been nice, but other than that it was goood :p

  14. Howdy!

    So did you get all your wrapping done? I was right up to the last minute putting finishing touches on the gifts... How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? :p

    Hope all is well

  15. Howdy howdy! How are you?

  16. Howdy Howdy Howdy!! How are you!?!? How is everything? You all ready for Christmas?

  17. Howdy How are you!!!! As for Betsy (our car) She needed a new transmission, new brakes...and about 5 other odds and ends. So it wasn't too cheap and she spent 4 days in the shop if remember right!! But at least it died in the driveway and not going down the freeway!!

  18. Speaking of cars dying....Ours now has a new booo boo...but she (We named her Betsy) died in our drive way...so that was nice...annnd There was a nice trail of liquid down the driveway and up the road. When daddy looked it was the transmission fluid...all in a puddle on the ground... lol....So she has to be towed to the garage... :( It could be worse I guess

  19. Hahahaha....Well Cooter is only gonna be bout 15 minutes away!! I'm really excid especially since he was the only one that I did not get to see last year...

    As for homecoming....I wish I could go too....Me and mama took a four day vacation to Jersey and New York to see my new love Celtic Thunder...well some of the group. And I was supposed to pick between that and Hazzard Homecoming, there was a chance we could still go to homecoming but it would be less. And then everything went wrong at once....so it is doubtful now.... 8( And that makes me sad seeing that everyone is goin to be there...and ol Luke Duke is the only one I haven't met yet...

    Yikes!! That isn't gooddying while driving....We have the same problem...it is like the car thinks it is funny...They just go kaapphlooeey on you and then when they get to the mechanic they are perfect little angels and everyone thinks you are crazy.

    But I hope that it can be fixed soon....hopefully they find what is wrong!!

  20. You know...I sat down today saying I was going to reply to you.....that was an hour and a half ago....I keep getting distracted... :/

  21. Hahaha I dunno how much of a summer it is going to be....it shall be interesting though.... And awww look on the brightside....Its the weekend!! WOOO! lol...

    Yea I know....I'm gonna have to go buy me some lottery tickets....Our car really needs fixed before going on a five hour drive to Virginia.... :/ But on the bright side I get to see Cooter in 26 days! YEEEE HAAAWW!!!

  22. Yes they are!! I was super sad I didn't get a John hug last year....it is looking doubtful this year too :( I could use one....

    Awww they lost? Thats no fun....Did you have good seats? And hahaha I seen on the News last night that the Pirates were at the top....I bout fell off me seat...I was glad to hear it.... But maybe your Cubs will do well on their future games! :p

    Everything is absolutely wonderful with me!! For the most part at least! :p I finally get a summer, my online class is OVER!! WOOO HOOOO!! And I try not to be a stranger...someones my mind just wonders awaay....

  23. Howdy Howdy!! Long time no talk toooo!! HIIIII HOW ARE YOUUUU!?!?!?!?!

    So how was the Cubs game? Did they win?

    And as for the hugs, true they are better when they are voluntary....and they are even better when they are from JOHN!! :p

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