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  1. That's sad to hear about the what ever it is. But good that your attack didn't do that.

    And our uniform for band is black pants, white shirt, and for guys a tie. I had long black pants and my only good white shirt that I could barelly get half way up my forearm. And I didn't think it would be that bad. I mean, I didn't know the school wasn't going to be air conditioned and that it was going to be so humid that it would make it feel horible. But the funny thing that I didn't metion is that we had to take different ways to get from Troy to home. So on the way back we had to go through Dayton and the second bus missed the exit and didn't get back to the school till I don't know how long after us. It was funny to know that happened. But I learned today that we got a 1 in sight reading which is really good. I think a lot of us didn't think we would do it. Now I just have to wait till tomorrow 'cause Mr. Spradlin said we might listen to some of the recordings.

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